[EN] Damian Ortega’s Miracolo Italiano

About Ortega’s art I’ve spoken before – see the Beetle Explosion here – today I will tell you again about this strange and new form of art- Damian’s ART.

This time, Ortega presented his work of art in a  3D version of the spare-parts diagram in an owner’s manual – similar like he did with the Beetle’s explosion.  His work is special and innovative, like I once said – another side of the conventional art.

The “victim” of this exhibition is his personal Vespa PX, that took all the “needles and pinches” to be shown to the public world-wide in a very explicit position, in 2005, in the United States. Well, he needed two extra Vespas to complete this scenery, so his scooter is not showing-off alone on the scene.

No need to tell that I LOVE this form of art…

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