[EN] Ferrari 458 Speciale A, ready for Paris

The Prancing Horse is again showing it’s beautiful shapes on the red carpet, this time he’s ready for a special parade in Paris, so prepare to greet the limited edition 458 Speciale A.

Limited to only 499 units, the 458 Speciale A is the most powerful spider in Ferrari’s agenda, a celebration for the real success the 458 model had in the last past years – numerous prizes, category wins in classic endurance races – LeMans, Sebring, Daytona – long story short, the 458 represents one of the most successful models of the Italian company.

But please, don’t be mistaken here – the new Ferrari 458 Speciale A (A from Aperta, which means open) is a Spider indeed, but not the ordinary 458 Spider we know – and it is probably  the last Ferrari with a naturally aspirated V8, since we are waiting to see the next evolution of the 458 in a twin-turbo setup..

This limited edition features a 4,5 L V8 engine, with a total output of 600 HP – with 30 more HP than the normal 458 Spider version, jumps from 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds (yes, three) and from 0-200 km/h in less than 10 seconds (9.5 seconds, more exact).

No need to say we will see this little on in Paris, on the 2nd of October. Stay tuned.

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