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Two years and a comeback.

Two years between posts. Not what every blogger wants to hear, sometimes you can call it a “blogger’s nightmare”. But that’s life, and sometimes (or every time) life just… happens!

What have I done in this last two years? Well… I traveled. A lot! Rode my delSol on the roads of my country and in Europe. Germany, Austria, France, Bulgaria…  It was fun, but I sensed I wanted more. So I suddenly decided for more.

This time it’s not about what you can read on a news press release and (maybe) an MotorShow coverage. No. This time is all about passion, humans, projects and real life. This time is all about YOU out there.

I’m still working on a new website and new interface and also new web domain, as I lost the old and couldn’t get it back, So.. stay tuned.


2018 & co. are coming in speed and with GREAT news and huge surprises. I’m so excited but not going to tell you anything about it because I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

So stay close: the best is yet to come!


2014 in review – 21,000 viewers and counting!

It’s been a rough year, 365 days and… and… 21,000 viewers! That’s something amazing for me, for my blog – my little baby, judging by the fact that no advertising was involved here – only the Facebook page posts and WordPress posts.


Most of you already know that I have a passion for cars – Japanese cars.. Honda cars. And bikes. And I guess everything that involves Honda and its culture. That’s the main reason why most of my content is Honda related.

But in the end, I want to thank you all – my followers, friends and readers, for being with me this year. Thank you for making 2014 a special year for me! I can see it in the emails you send me, the private messages, likes, shares, and all. I traveled a lot, met some amazing persons, I grew up in this field and nevertheless will continue to do this next year as well.

I love cars, I love writing, I love speaking and writing about cars, so what I do here is strictly my passion & hobby – most of you know that I work in IT as a daily job. But I won’t stop here. So 2015, beware! 🙂