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2014 in review – 21,000 viewers and counting!

It’s been a rough year, 365 days and… and… 21,000 viewers! That’s something amazing for me, for my blog – my little baby, judging by the fact that no advertising¬†was involved here – only the Facebook page posts and WordPress posts.


Most of you already know that I have a passion for cars – Japanese cars.. Honda cars. And bikes. And I guess everything that involves Honda and its culture. That’s the main reason why most of my content is Honda related.

But in the end, I want to thank you all – my followers, friends, and readers, for being with me this year. Thank you for making 2014 a special year for me! I can see it in the emails you send me, the private messages, likes, shares, and all. I traveled a lot, met some amazing persons, I grew up in this field and nevertheless will continue to do this next year as well.

I love cars, I love writing, I love speaking and writing about cars, so what I do here is strictly my passion & hobby – most of you know that I work in IT as a daily job. But I won’t stop here. So 2015, beware! ūüôā

[EN] Porsche’s rear horsepower technology, explained..

The newest advertising campaign launched by the Stuttgart company for celebrating the 911 brings us a little bit of fun and imagination, but not only – explains to all technical and non-technical-savvy 911 lovers out there what is the secret behind…

The Ad was not launched to celebrate anything new into their products, nor to say happy birthday to anyone… No, they just needed to remind us that the 911 has the engine placed behind the real axle Рnot like the other Porsche models that are either mid-engined or front.

The 911 has its personal story, that started when Ferdinand Porsche thought that if he will place the engine in the rear of the axels Рbehind the wheels to be more specific Рhe will put more heaviness on the back of the car, creating like that more grip on the wheels of the car.  This aspect remained the same since 1963, when the first 911 was launched Рmore than 51 years ago.

The actual Porsche 911 advertising campaign that was¬†launched¬†by Fred & Farid has the meaning to explain exactly this phrase : REAR HORSEPOWER – see the horse behind the carriage? Oh well‚Ķ¬†It’s clear now!

[EN][VIDEO] Human bodies to build an Abarth

It’s for sure – imagination has no limits! And sometimes, we discover purely work of arts, born from ideas that seemed absurd at the time of creation.

That wasn’t what the marketing department from Fiat USA thought when they launched this video for the 500 Abarth ¬†Cabrio –¬†¬ę¬†Made of pure muscle¬†¬Ľ. Actually, this particular commercial had something to do with the launch of this annual edition from ESPN: The Magazine – Body Edition, where they used only painted human bodies to build a nice and very realistic ¬†500 Abarth Cabrio.


The idea is brad new and fits perfectly the ¬†concept of ESPN – Body Edition issue –¬†“The notion of the ‘Body Paint’ print ad conveying athletic grace in a magazine that specifically devotes itself to covering athletes around the world sparked a perfect union for the FIAT Brand”¬†said Jason Stoicevich, Head of FIAT in USA.

We can only agree that this is something new and interesting to watch – so, go play!

Un alt tip de publicitate: car-advertising

Exista diferite forme de publicitate Рclasica, pe panouri, pe cladiri, la televizor, radio si mai nou, pe automobile. Desi conceptul este unul deja utilizat in strainatate,  in Romania a intrat de curand, in ultimii doi ani, facand pasi marunti dar siguri spre succes. Aceasta noua forma de publicitate ocoleste costurile uriase arhicunoscute tuturor ale publicitatii traditionale, axandu-se strict pe publicul-tinta, prin metode destul de simple de inteles si aplicat.

Am avut de curand ocazia sa cunosc omul din spatele brandului Carmedia, un concept cu totul nou in piata de advertising din Romania РAntonio Coli.  Am ramas placut impresionata de viziunea deschisa pe care Antonio o are referitor la acest nou business Рarata ca tot timpul putem inova concepte si realiza tipuri noi de advertising, campanii ce isi pot atinge mult mai usor publicul tinta, fara prea mult efort. Si unde mai pui ca, in termeni de cifre, vorbim de sume cu mult mai mici fata de publicitatea traditionala.

Carmedia a luat fiinta in 2010,  conceptul fiind deja aplicat cu succes in Franta. A venit usor-usor si in Romania, dupa alte piete precum Spania, Italia, Germania, pentru ca aici au vazut o piata cu un potential urias, unde un business de genul acesta poate inflori si chiar schimba putin din modul clasic de a iti face publicitate.

De ce car-advertising? Pentru ca, aflandu-te in traficul aglomerat de la ora 18:30, bara la bara, in special in Bucuresti, ochii iti aluneca pe afisele publicitare, pe masina vecinului si implicit pe un banner publicitar care poate sau nu sa iti atraga atentia, in special pentru ca ne petrecem la volan in trafic, in jur de 10 ore pe saptamana, poate chiar mai mult. Pentru ca modelul este aplicat cu succes in tarile vecine iar in Romania este mai mult decat binevenit.

Modelul acesta de publicitate este inca nou in tara noastra, chiar daca pe piata si-au mai facut aparitia in trecut companii ce promovau un produs asemanator. La prima vedere, totul pare destul de simplu: compania recruteaza soferi + automobile pentru a promova o firma, un slogan sau o campanie a unui client. Insa ceea ce nu se vede din exterior este complexitatea acestui procedeu, pentru ca nu vorbim de o firma de colantari autoturisme; ceea ce nu face compania este sa colanteaza masini pur si simplu, ci gaseste ambasadorii potriviti pentru fiecare campanie publicitara pe care o are in desfasurare. Ambasadorii nu sunt soferi obisnuiti, ci reprezinta publicul-tinta targetat de produsul respectiv, persoane si masini care circula in cercuri de posibili consumatori ai produsului promovat. Ca sa o spunem pe romaneste, nu vei gasi o campanie de promovare produse de make-up colantata pe masina unui muncitor in constructii, ce se deplaseaza de acasa pana pe santier si invers.

Carmedia foloseste inca un mod avantajos de a creste numarul clientilor fiecarei campanii publicitare prin introducerea QR codes ce pot fi scanate cu telefonul mobil, permitand astfel participarea la diferite promotii sau campanii.

In acest tip de business castigul este pentru ambele parti – atat soferul-ambasador are de castigat dupa inscriptionarea masinii, cat si firma promovata – creste notorietatea, campaniile sunt mult mai puternice si au mult mai multe sanse sa isi atinga tinta, la jumatate din costurile unei campanii clasice publicitare. Merita incercat, zic eu!

Grupul Carmedia: