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[RO] Cand talentul intalneste pasiunea: Radu Muntean

Despre romanii de peste hotare auzim multe povesti, iar unele din ele ne aduc un zambet pe chip – o mandrie ca avem  oamenii ce isi urmeaza vocea pasiunii si ies in fata, demonstrand tuturor ca nici un vis nu este imposibil.


Acelasi lucru l-am simtit cand am vazut lucrarile lui Radu Muntean pe unul din site-urile mele preferate –, unde nu stiu ce mi-a atras intai atentia – numele romanesc ori lucrarile prezentate acolo. Cert este ca un zambet mi-a cuprins toata fata, caci am vazut “cu ochiul liber” un lucru extrem de simplu si clar si de fapt esential – pasiunea din spatele acestor desene.

Atunci cand pasiunea se intalneste cu ceva nativ – talentul, de cele mai multe ori inseamna ca artistul si-a atins scopul, reusind sa transpuna in imagini o viziune proprie a unor lucruri destul de banale pentru altii, de zi cu zi. Dar nu voi intra acum in teorii si nici in comparatii, ci voi continua cu subiectul acestui articol – Radu Muntean.

Nascut in Cluj in ’70  si mutat in Statele Unite undeva inainte de ’89, Radu a fost destul de curajos – mai ales pentru perioada respectiva si cei 19 ani ai sai – si-a ascultat vocea inimii si pasiunea, continuandu-si studiile in Arta Plastica incepute in Romania. Insa tot in Romania si-a inceput pionieratul in automobilism, ca orice tanar nascut in acea perioada – frecventand clubul de Karting din orasul sau. Ajuns in Statele Unite, si-a continuat studiile in cadrul Art Center College of Design’s din California, sectia Automotive Design – impletind astfel cele doua pasiuni de o viata – arta si automobilele. 

Pana acum, mana si talentul sau au exersat pe birourile Ford Motors din Detroit si General Motors, inapoi in California si in cele din urma a ajuns in cadrul echipei de designeri Tesla, unde il gasim si acum. Insa ca orice om cu adevarat pasionat de ceva, nu s-a oprit aici – Radu este membru activ al comunitatii Porsche din America – mai exact Porsche Club of America, unde activeaza cu drag si “spor” la volanul unui Porsche 993 GT2 – sau “The Beast“, cum il alinta chiar el.

Motivul pentru care am adus acest articol in fata este simplu: Radu este un exemplu pentru noi – un om ce si-a urmat pasiunea, a reusit sa gaseasca o cale de a impleti pasiunea cu meseria de zi cu zi. Iar Radu este doar un exemplu, sunt sigura ca printre noi exista destui oameni ce au reusit sa sparga barierele sistemului impus de societate cat si piedicile intalnite pe parcurs, oameni ce au alergat dupa un vis, oameni ce au ajuns la destinatie deja sau oameni ce inca persevereaza in atingerea acestuia – pentru acestia  fac o plecaciune si zic un mare BRAVO. 


[EN] Hatch and Disintegrating: Fabian Oefner

I have a thing for art and cars, or those two things combined! So it’s no wonder that when I saw this I instantly thought I must bring it upfront, because it’s crazy but in the same time fantastic.

The crazy artist that’s behind this work of art is Fabian Oefner, a 29 years old  photographer, madly in love with cars. So he combined he’s two passions into this – but this wasn’t as easy as it seems.

For the magic to happen, Fabian disassembled a few model kit cars, photographed each piece in all the angles he could imagine, edited  all that, so that the final scene is in fact a superposition of several hundred images premeditated.

This pieces are exposed during  M.A.D’Gallery (Mechanical Art Devices), at Geneva, so if you are planning to visit Geneva any time soon, don’t miss it.

[EN] VW Beetle Sunk in Milk

You’ve probably noticed that I have a pleasure for wicked form of arts that are involving cars or motors… Anything related to it, for me represents another point of view, and sometimes a masterpiece.

Another VW, also from a Mexican artist – Ivan Puig – the first one was the “Beetle Explosion” by Damien Ortega , just the interpretation is different. 

In his work called Hasta Las Narices, Ivan tried to create the scene where a VW Beetle is sinking into a sea of milk, everything placed in a totally white room, creating a deep but also minimalist effect.

Odd, but in Art nothing can be called weird, just imaginative and provocative.  

[EN][VIDEO] Pirelli – The Calendar’s 50 anniversary

Released 50 years ago, the calendar from Pirelli was seen as a bold move in the year when it was launched, having some featured portraits of young ladies, kind of… nude. Well, not what we call today Hustler nude, rather a Penthouse ladies nudity and elegant sexuality…

Pirelli offered us a glance of retro look pictures with the 2014 calendar, using the signature photos of Helmut Newton – the iconic photographer that occupied the pages of Vogue magazine for many many years. This year’s calendar is something special, because it brings us the old feeling back – a little more about the car and the elegant presence of a lady rather than what we have today

The pictures were to be used in the 1986 edition, but the change was caused by the incapability of Helmut to deliver the photos in time, and the Italian company decided to use Bert Stern photos instead – the photographer who’s “guilty” for a big number of Marilyn Monroe’s portraits. So this year, for a special celebration, Pirelli decided to “spice” up things a little bit and dig for some little history – and that was a great and very appreciated move.

The Cal – as the Calendar is known as – was launched in 1964 and is known today as the most famous Yearly Calendar that exist on the market.

And last, but not the least, is the comment of Peter Beard, an american well-known photographer –  “The last thing left in nature is the attractiveness and beauty of women.


[EN][VIDEO] World’s most AMAZING hobby

We are all different. Our personality, our ways of thinking or living our lives and even our hobbies are different also – but why? Because our passions are representing something distinctive, a particularity of  our personality.


If you consult the dictionary, you will see that passion is described as “a strong and barely controllable emotion.”. If you ask me, passion represent that inner and crazy power you suddenly get and need to fight for that something that you believe in and you want to build. And you know passionate people, doesn’t matter the subject of their madness – in our article I am about to reveal you the story of Jose Manuel Hermo Barreiro – the man that spent 1220 hours in building the world’s smallest v12 engine – and no, I am not kidding.

The man – Jose – better know as ‘Patelo’ – is an ex-naval mechanical constructor, who has dedicated his time to a hobby that some of us may find it crazy, but where his resulted products are a work-of-art. He spent more than 15,000 hours into this complex but tiny hobby (you can call it addiction, I call it passion), but the way he talks about his realization reveals that there is more to than meets the eye.

Contrary to what he does, to his creation – Patelo is not a patient man: “I have no patience at all, I’m a very impatient person; I do this because I love it” – this statement reveals exactly what I have told you earlier, at the beginning of this article – where there is passion involved, the result is always amazing – even though it takes more than passion to  struggle with this type of project from A to Z, but as we can easily observe, he doesn’t mind…

You can watch the video-story below, the story of a man that still lives his life with passion and creativity, a man that we can only admire!

P.s. All his creations are not completely fully functional, they are not using internal combustion for running, these little jewels are air-powered, but that doesn’t matter that much, though.

[EN][VIDEO] Roy Lichtenstein for BMW – 320i E21 “art-car”

Have you noticed how some people can easily transform cars, boats, scooters into a form of art? That’s because imagination has no limits or boundaries, not in space or time… And some create a mixture between art and utility, ending with a perfect functional product. That’s also ART.

A few months ago I told you the story of Damian Ortega, with his two exhibitions – the “Beetle Explosion” and “Miracolo Italiano”  – a purely form of art. His result was indeed just an exponent, but what I am about to show you now is not any kind of exhibition or museum work – but a working-perfectly-functional-piece-of-art. But before, just a few details about the author – Roy Lichtenstein – one of the pop-art most wanted painters of the century.

Roy Lichtenstein was born in New York, he studied like many others classical painting, but he “drifted” really fast into the Abstract world of art, starting really soon to introduce also some different animation characters into his paintings – and I am talking here about Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and the list goes on. In the 60’s, his move was seen as bold and daring, and this is why his work was unique at that time. He did not stopped here, later in the years his influences were Art-Deco forms, actual plastic or metal hardware, landscapes, everything mixed into a single painting.

On the other side, BMW was not at the first strike when they collaborated with Roy, in ’77 – the first “art car” of the Bavarian constructor was signed by Alexander Calder especially for the French race driver Herve Poulain durin the LeMans 24h race, in ’75, and the list continues until these days. But the car signed by Roy in 1977 had something special – we’re talking about a 320i E21 Group 5 race car; when he created the car, Roy said that his vision was : ” painted lines as a road, pointing the way for the car. The design also shows the scenery as it passes by. Even the sky and sunlight are to been seen….you could list all the things a car experiences – the only difference is that this car mirrors all these things even before it takes to the road .”

[EN] Damian Ortega’s Miracolo Italiano

About Ortega’s art I’ve spoken before – see the Beetle Explosion here – today I will tell you again about this strange and new form of art- Damian’s ART.

This time, Ortega presented his work of art in a  3D version of the spare-parts diagram in an owner’s manual – similar like he did with the Beetle’s explosion.  His work is special and innovative, like I once said – another side of the conventional art.

The “victim” of this exhibition is his personal Vespa PX, that took all the “needles and pinches” to be shown to the public world-wide in a very explicit position, in 2005, in the United States. Well, he needed two extra Vespas to complete this scenery, so his scooter is not showing-off alone on the scene.

No need to tell that I LOVE this form of art…

[EN][VIDEO] Human bodies to build an Abarth

It’s for sure – imagination has no limits! And sometimes, we discover purely work of arts, born from ideas that seemed absurd at the time of creation.

That wasn’t what the marketing department from Fiat USA thought when they launched this video for the 500 Abarth  Cabrio – « Made of pure muscle ». Actually, this particular commercial had something to do with the launch of this annual edition from ESPN: The Magazine – Body Edition, where they used only painted human bodies to build a nice and very realistic  500 Abarth Cabrio.


The idea is brad new and fits perfectly the  concept of ESPN – Body Edition issue – “The notion of the ‘Body Paint’ print ad conveying athletic grace in a magazine that specifically devotes itself to covering athletes around the world sparked a perfect union for the FIAT Brand” said Jason Stoicevich, Head of FIAT in USA.

We can only agree that this is something new and interesting to watch – so, go play!

[EN] The Beetle explosion, by Damián Ortega

It’s not a new subject for me or for most of you that there are some guys who can transform a simple and dull car into real piece of art.

They are called “the artists” because they see the same car like we do, but in a different perspective – where we can see a line they see a beautiful composition, where we see plain, they highlight a pattern, and so on. In short, I am amazed when I discover other occasions to admire a product like this one, a car transformed in a simple piece of art – The Beetle Explosion.


The exhibition – Cosmic Things – was first launched in 2002, in Pennsylvania, and was held at The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), and was born under the magnificent imagination of Damián Ortega, a Mexican artist who found his “muse” by looking at his personal ’83 VW Beetle. The car was immediately disassembled and exposed by hanging on the ceiling the museum, just like inside the pages of a mechanic’s instruction manual.

[EN/RO] The Silence of Dogs in Cars

The gallery I am about to show you is presenting the vision of an artist – Martin Usborne, an English photographer, passionate about animals; the gallery is portraying the lonely dog that is patiently waiting in the car the return of his owner. And not only one, but several images that contain a dose of dramatic and cinematic effects, which are depicting a simple both human and animal emotion: the fear of abandon.


Maybe one of the most expressive gallery that involves car and animals I ever found on the internet. It’s not even about cars, directly. Nor animals. It’s more about the emotion inside the picture itself. 

This exhibition is opened in London until the end of the month, @ The Little Black Gallery and was rewarded in 2012 as Best in Show in the Creative Review Photography Annual 2012. 

Have fun scrolling down the gallery!


Galeria ce urmeaza sa o prezint este alcatuita prin viziunea artistica a unui fotograf londonez de renume, indragostit atat de animale cat si de fotografie – galeria expune imaginea unui catel singur inchis intr-o masina, asteptand cuminte intoarcerea stapanului. Si nu numai una, ci mai multe portete ale diferitor caracte, fotografiile continand o doza de efecte dramatice și cinematografice, ce ilustreaza o emotie extrem de simpla simpla, atat umana si animala: frica de abandon.

Probabil una din cele mai expresive galerii foto gasite de mine pe internet, ce implica atat animale cat si masini. Si totusi, imaginile nu au legatura nici cu masinile sau animalele, ci mai degraba cu emotia transmisa de acest amalgam de elemente cuprinse intr-o poza.


Colectia “The Silence of Dogs in Cars” a fost premiata in 2012 precum Best in Show in cadrul evenimentului Creative Review Photography Annual 2012, imaginile fiind expuse la Londra, in cadrul @ The Little Black Gallery, pana la sfarsitul lunii Aprilie.

Vizionare placuta!

And here it goes – the first article that’s going to be written in both English and Romanian, until I will have the time to finish up my newest blogging platform.