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[EN] The game is on: 2015 Honda Civic Type R

We’ve seen many pictures of the final form and we’ve heard numerous rumors regarding the new R member of the Honda Sports family – but this time, the Japanese say that this is it – Honda is revealing the final form of the 2015 CTR on the 2nd of October, at the Paris Auto Show.

They call it “the most powerful Type-R” ever created, with unmatched performance compared to all previous Type-R – excluding the NSX-R, of course. This blue little one is a mildly updated version of the CTR presented in March during Geneva Motorshow.

Technical speaking, the specs are similar with the ones we found out in March – a 2.0-liter turbocharged i-VTEC engine with an output of 280 HP, but with a lower redline – 7,000 rpm (compared to the 9,000 rpm we’re used to)…

In terms of novelties we can mention the magical “+R” button. Ehm, what is this? Something Honda says that when pressed, it activates the “+R” mode – heightened engine response by altering the torque mapping, makes the steering more responsive and tweaks the new four-point adaptive damper system for enhanced handling performance.

Suehiro Hasshi, Large Project Leader for the Civic Type R explained: “In default standard mode, the Civic Type R is exceptionally agile, an everyday sports car with an enjoyable and fluid acceleration. The  ‘+R’ button brings out a more dynamic and athletic car for the driver, to set pulses racing. The difference in character is immense. The ‘+R’ mode is extreme; the car is ideal for track use and will be appreciated by the genuine sports-driving enthusiast.”

As we are already accustomed with, this TypeR version will be built at Honda’s plant in Swindon, UK, it will arrive in dealerships during 2015.



[EN] Paris 2014: Honda goes sport, or not quite – Civic Sport Edition

Less than 10 days remaining till its official launch in Paris, time in which Honda is revealing some  details about their new Civic Sport – sort to say the new Type-S, but they don’t call it like that, so I won’t, either.

Sport – but not so sport – the new Civic will keep some visual elements borrowed from the Type-R, sport elements that will be combined with the same engines from the standard version – the 1.8-litre I-VTEC, 142 PS petrol engine and 1.6-litre i-DTEC, 120 PS diesel engine. And by saying visual, I meant to say only this – no improvements  or upgrades  will be applied on the technical sheet.

The exterior will feature a new front bumper with a lower grille mesh and a black roof lining for the cabin, details that are echoing the design of the forthcoming Type-R.

But in the same time, Honda is upgrading a little bit also the standard Civic, so the changes will be adopted by the Sport derivative as well – new headlamps with integrated daytime running lights, redesigned new front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and LED taillights.

The interior will feature some changes regarding the in-car entertainment – by adding the all-new in-car audio and information system – Honda Connect. This new information system runs on Android 4.0.4 and offers beside media facilities some others functions like Bluetooth connectivity, internet browsing, satellite navigation (optional) and rear-view parking camera. Long story short – a new all-in media unit.

The new Civic Sport and the other novelties will be presented in Paris, on the 2nd of October, during the Paris AutoShow.

[EN] Paris 2014: Polo GTI reborn – the 1.8 Turbo is back!

After they tried to “spice” things with their 1.4 TSI engine, the engineers behind the Polo GTi project went back to their senses and they fitted back the 1.8 turbo engine under the hood. Now the car makes a little bit of sense. Again.

Ok, we totally understand the need of downsizing, in most cases I agree with this. But this need also has its limits – and Volkswagen finally understood this – the 1.8 TSI is back on tracks, with a total out put of 192 HP and 320 Nm, compared to the old motorization – 1.4 TSI + compressor. Well, in fact, that engine has been replaced on many other VW models also, so there is no wonder the little GTi received back his 1.8 TSI motor-heart.

As for the design part, the new Polo receives a redesigned front bumper and the LED headlights are also continuing the GTI typical red line we can see on the grille, while the interior we greet the well-known ecosse upholstery and nothing else new (for the moment).

The new Polo GTi will be launched in two weeks, during Paris Auto Show. Stay tuned!

[EN] SUPRAdose, signed by Toyota – of simply FT-1 for the moment

At last, it seems that Toyota is resurrecting the legends, and I dearly hope and pray that it won’t make a mess out of it – so here we have – the FT-1 aka the future SUPRA.

One of my childhood madness and most beloved products signed by the Nippon automaker, this “how-it-should-look-like” concept was revealed today, during Detroit NAIAS AutoShow.

FT-1’s futuristic design is signed by Calty Design Research – who’s also guilty for Toyota Celica’s design and… that’s about it in the sport class – they are also responsible for RAV4, Prius, but that’s not something relevant in our case, for the moment. Also the fact that the company is entirely American, it lifts a little bit from the mirage of this Japanese car… Oh well, let’s see where it leads, in the end, because let’s not forget that we are still talking about a concept car, not at all about a final product of what the new Supra should look like.

I don’t want to go deep into the details – there aren’t very much to explain about this large coupe nor any detailed technical sheets  – its aggressive image and sassy interior are leaving us the impression that this time is going to be something that’s going to matter on the automotive scene. We will see.

And as a short p.s. – FT-1 means ” « Future Toyota n°1″.

[EN] Tokyo 2013: Honda S660

We saw this little one two years ago, under the name of EV-Ster, when they all yelled “it’s only a prototype, don’t get your hopes high”; a few months ago we heard is possible to see it come to reality – and yesterday Honda released the veil from the mystery – S660, directly from Tokyo Autoshow.

I sincerely loved the EV-STER, when I saw it with my own eyes, last year, in Paris. Although this one is STILL a concept, I have no doubt that it will transform into a real and full functional model sooner or later  in the next two years. If not exactly this, something similar – Honda is missing a sport convertible car from the catalog, so they must fix this… I say.

Of course that at the Autoshow in Tokyo, Honda did not said much about the little S660, leaving us in a little blur. But we will live and see.

[EN] Tokyo 2013: Vezel, a new baby-SUV in the Honda family

Honda revealed the new Vezel SUV yesterday evening, during the 43 edition of Tokyo Autoshow, but unfortunately we lack the technical details sheet – the officials said that those details will be available later this year.

In contempt the fact that for the moment  they are going to deliver it only on the Asian market – the Vezel is interesting because, in fact, it’s not a completely Sport Utility Vehicle, but a new concept – I like to call it rather an urban SUV, because of its looks and size.  Honda’s officials described the new Vezel: ” a completely new model that goes beyond the boundaries of automobile categories by fusing together multifaceted values at a high level, including the dynamic qualities of an SUV, the elegance of a coupe and the functionality of a minivan.

About the Vezel we know that it’s going to be available in two options – 2WD and 4WD, will feature 2 motorization – both 1,5 liter, a hybrid and also a normal gasoline engine. The hybrid will be feature the Sport Hybrid i-DCD technology ( Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive), while the petrol will be a normal direct injection engine. Not quite sure about this last one, if it’s going to be a turbo or not,  but we will see later next month.

Also, here it’s a live photo gallery from our colleagues from, directly from the event. 

[EN] Tokyo 2013: Toyota’s newest toy – Aqua

And when I say “toy”, by all means I really mean TOY. The kind that you can ride on the streets, indeed. Legal, of course.

Behind this very pink concept is the team that designed the new GT86, but to be honest I am not that sure how the people are going to react to this model in particular. Indeed, the Japanese  constructor lacks some Coupe-Cabrio mid-size models or even concepts, and this Aqua concept aims to be a direct competitor for the little Nissan Micra CC.

Technically speaking, Aqua is being a very “trendy” pink car (or maybe a green one), being powered by a 1,5 hybrid engine – that’s why I call it “trendy” and I use the commas also, with a total output of 100 HP. Cute, isn’t it?

Subaru Impreza WRX Concept, in pregatiri pentru New York

Impreza WRX a fost o vreme marul discordiei intre fanii marcii – ba ca arata mult mai bine sedan, ba hatchback. De fapt, arata bine oricum, restul detaliilor sunt subiective, intrucat nu ne putem indragosti cu totii de acelasi lucru. Asa ca, sedan sau hatch, principala esenta este masina in sine.

Iata ca niponii ne-au pregatit cateva imagini virtuale, in avans, ale noului Impreza WRX,  de data asta in varianta sedan – bine pusa la punct, musculoasa, ce ne va fi prezentata in detaliu in cadrul Salonului Auto de la New York.

Din pacate, detaliile tehnice sunt inexistente pentru moment, insa varii zvonuri anunta un mare downsizing al motorului, de la 2.5 Turbo la un alt boxer, de data asta mult mai mic – 1.6 Turbo (FA16), cu un output de 240 CP. 

Parca de data aceasta, modelul atat de indragit de multi, este de nerecunoscut. Ramane de vazut cum se va prezenta versiunea finala, cat si care va fi feeling-ul trait de puritanii si iubitorii marcii, overall, in ceea ce o priveste. Va fi iubita sau urata? Ramane de vazut.

Calutul cabrat renaste: LaFerrari sau cum arata 963 CP hibrizi

And it’s official – rivalul suprem al lui McLaren P1 si-a scos mustatile la aer, si-a dat capa jos si s-a aratat multimii infocate de la Geneva – doamnelor si domnilor… Ferrari F150! Sau LaFerrari, cum se alinta.

Presedintele Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, a declarat ca modelul este unul ce doreste a reprezenta pe deplin numele, un absolut al marcii, de aceea a fost si supranumit “LaFerrari”. Tocmai de aceea, modelul este unul exclusivist, rezervat doar clientilor de seama, 499 la numar, sa fie mai exact.

Este urmasul renumitului Enzo Ferrari, are “doar” 963 CP, este construit in 499 de exemplare  la un pret de numai 1,2 milioane de euro. S-a lansat acum 2 ore si deja toate exemplarele sunt acontate, pe langa alte 200 in plus, comenzi pe care nu stim inca daca stapanii calutului cabrat le vor onora sau nu. Noua, muritorilor de rand, ne ramane doar sa ne lungim ochii dupa monitoare. Desi productia lui Enzo, predecesorul lui LaFerrari, a fost limitata la 400 de bucati, pentru noul F150, compania italieneasca a declarat ca vor suplimenta cu 100 de bucati fata de generatia anterioara datorita cererii foarte mari venite de pe piata asiatica.

963 de caluti cabrati, ce reies cam asa: 800 dintr-un motor aspirat de 6.26 L V12 si  163 CP din motorul electric, din acest melange rezultand un cuplu monstru de 900Nm, ceva excesiv aparent, dar minunat! Acum, referindu-ne doar la partea motorului electric, F150 este primul model ce va beneficia de tehnologia HY-KERS, dezvoltata de Ferrari – acest sistem permite conectarea motorului termic si al celui electric la transmisia cu dublu ambreiaj, transformand intr-un mod inteligent energia ce altfel s-ar fi pierdut in procesul de rulare, reducand din emisiile de noxe ale autovehiculului.

Nu are rost sa vorbesc despre design, despre ce impresie lasa, despre efectul final. Va dati si voi singuri cu parerea.

Ah , mai are rost sa mentionez ca atinge 100 km/h in mai putin de 3 secunde…?

Credit photo:

Geneva 2013: Honda Civic Tourer Concept

Honda are o agenda destul de incarcata pentru 2013, daca in toamna asteptam lansarea oficiala a lui NSX, iata ca astazi sau maine va fi dezvaluit noul Civic Tourer. Adica un update in agenda legendei Honda Civic (hatchback ori sedan).

Lansarea a fost anuntata inca din toamna, in cadrul Salonului Auto de la Paris, iar astazi sau maine oficialii niponi vor dezveli conceptul pentru noul membru din familia Civic, cu ocazia deschiderii Salonului de la Geneva.

Pentru un tourer, conceptul asta arata chiar FOARTE BINE – liniile Honda se resimt, agresivitate in design cu care am fost obisnuiti inca de la aparitia hatch-ului 5D pune amprenta acestui model – ce mai, este un exercitiu de stil si dinamism din partea designerilor niponi. Odata cu aceasta lansare, Honda va pune la dispozitia actualilor proprietari de Civic editia 2012 si un kit AeroPack accesorii exterioare.

In asteptarea lui NSX (in toamna, la Frankfurt) si a noului Civic Type-R (ramane un mister total data oficiala), ne multumim cu acest Tourer. Urmeaza cateva imagini oficiale din cadrul salonului si vom reveni cu amanunte!

Vine primavara: GT86 se decapoteaza

Ca tot ne bucuram noi astazi de un inceput de primavara, iata ca prevestitorii acesteia sosesc inaintea ei – eu una o asteptam de cand s-a lansat versiunea coupe – in doar cateva zile, la Geneva, GT86 isi va scoate palaria in fata publicului larg si.. se va decapota!

Insa oficialii Toyota ne anunta ca acesta va fi doar in faza incipienta de concept (ca doar de aceea se si numeste Open Concept), ce va pastra elementele principale ale modelului – motor boxer 2.0 L, ce dezvolta 200 CP la un cuplu de 205 Nm si tractiune spate. Adica exact amanuntele ce au adus notorietate modelului niponilor.

Partea cea mai interesanta in acest concept o reprezinta designul , atat interior, unde plansa de bord a fost restilizata, locurile din spate au fost reduse ca si ampatament pentru a face loc plafonului soft-top (bine, asta este partea mai putin frumoasa, ce-i drept), cat si cateva tuse fine pentru exteriorul acestuia.

Mai sunt doar cateva zile, pana una alta, enjoy!

[RO] Geneva 2013: Mitsubishi i-Road Concept

Renault Twizzy sa isi pazeasca spatele, caci din spate vine puternic un rival, de data asta de origini japoneze – Mitsubishi pregateste lansarea unui nou concept, supranumit i-ROAD, in cadrul AutoShow-ului de la Geneva, salon ce-si va deschide portile in FIX o saptamana.

Pentru moment, detaliile tehnice sunt limitate, singura informatie de care dispunem fiind un video-teaser al acestui nou vehicul urban. Insa la prima vedere, conceptul se aseamana leit cu micul Twizzy, concept de autovehicul ce se bucura de succes in marile orase din Europa pana acum.

Totusi, pana cand acesta va fi lansat la Geneva, va las in compania teaser-ului.

Sursa : Toyota.

[RO] Britanicii isi spun cuvantul: 917 CP pentru McLaren P1

McLaren. P1. Am vazut-o in premiera la Paris, am fost acolo cand valul i-a cazut de pe fata, cand si-a deschis ochii si ne-a zambit, unei sali pline ochi de jurnalisti insetati sa vada mai mult, dupa 20 minute de palavrageala din partea reprezentantilor britanici. Iata ca fisa tehnica ne este in sfarsit prezentata. Doamnelor si domnilor, va aducem regina balului – motor electric si un scor de nu mai putin de … 917 CP.

Da, ati citit bine – 917 CP, pentru mostenitoarea regelui absolut – F1. Bine, toata puterea nu este decat cumulata, dintr-un motor twin-turbo V8 de 3.8L = 737 CP/7500 rpm si 720 Nm cuplu, la care se adauga motorul electric de circa 179 CP & 260 Nm cuplu. Daca facem matematica, reiese frumoasa suma de 917 CP. Daca mai punem la socoteala si motorul V8 amplasat central, sub care se poate regasi cel electric, dupa cum reiese si din imaginile de mai jos. Pot sa o numesti minune a tehnologiei, sirena, superbitate, supercar… Si apleativele nu le voi opri aici.

In ceea ce priveste partea electrica, P1 este prevazut cu un sistem de recuperare al energiei electrice prin decelerare, cat si optiunea de incarcare rapida in posturile de incarcare auto, deja prezente in marile orase europene (Paris, Londra).

Mai mult, P1 vine echipat cu niscavai tehnologii regasite in dotarile monoposturilor de Formula 1 – DRS (Drag Reduction System), ce optimizeaza performantele supercar-ului la viteze ridicate, doar la apasarea unui buton ce il regasim pe volan, cat si IPAS (Instant Power Assist System).

[RO] Geneva 2013: e-Golf sau cum arata primul Golf full-electric

Se pare ca aceasta febra de a se integra in lumea green & eco i-a cuprins si pe nemtii de la Volkswagen, incat dupa ce acum o luna anuntau cu surle si trambite noul UP! full electric, s-ar parea ca in cateva saptamani vom da cu ochii de noul e-Golf. Da, Golf Electric. Ba mai mult de atat, inginerii din Wolfsburg s-au gandit sa ii faca introducerea in “lumea buna” in Martie, in cadrul Salonului de la Geneva.

Intai si intai, destul de important de specificat – e-Golf este gandit pentru piata auto de PESTE Ocean – Asia, America, adica in zonele unde exista viata pentru un autovehicul electric, Europa aflandu-se undeva ca si o a treia optiune pentru constructor.

Volkswagen nu se bate pentru tehnologie, cel putin asa ne dovedeste pana acum – nefiind printre primii constructori ce a pornit pe aceast drum. Nu, e-Golf se prezinta precum un alt produs in gama nemtilor, fara a avea nimic spectaculos decat un Curriculum Vitae total verde si ecologic (cel putin asa arata la prima vedere). Insa face parte din decizia board-ului de a atinge cifra de peste 1 milion de autovehicule vandute pana in 2020. Un plan ambitios, am zice.

Noua versiune va beneficia de o parte din tehnologia Blue e-motion – un motor electric de 115 CP (85kW & 270 Nm), pe tractiune fata,  si inima fiind reprezentata de o baterie Li-ion cu o capacitate de 26.5 kWh, ce confera automobilului o autonomie totala de 150 km.

Daca stam sa judecam pe indelete, Golf le are pe toate acum – de la Cabrio, GTI, R, Break iar acum se poate mandri in gama si cu un verzisor in familie. Productia modelului electric va lua startul anul acesta, limitandu-se pentru inceput la circa 500 de bucati, pentru a vedea cum sunt primite la nivel global. e-Golf va fi urmat indeaproape si de un Jetta electric, pe langa deja existentul mini Up!.

[RO] Montreal 2013: Honda GEAR concept-car

Japonezii ne iau prin surprindere cu un nou concept-car – Honda GEAR Study Model, ce a vazut lumina pe 17 Ianuarie, in cadrul Montreal International Auto Show.

Honda n-a zis nici “pas” de noul concept. O surpriza, efectiv, una placuta, intrucat Honda cam somase in acest segment de piata, sau al modelelor noi, de la aparitia CR-Z-ului.

GEAR se prezinta sub forma de sub-compact, gandit special pentru publicul tanar – segmentul “Y”,  iar dupa primele zvonuri s-ar parea ca noul model va fi mult mai accesibil din punct de vedere al pretului. Reprezentantii Honda au declarat ca desi in general, categoria subcompactelor este considerata ori prea scumpa ori inutilizabila, GEAR va incerca sa fie exact opusul acestora – o masina extrem de customizabila, versatila si … extrem de accesibila.

Detaliile tehnice – pentru moment sunt inexistente, din pacate, insa va lasam sa va bucurati de imaginile noului concept, pana cand vom intra mai in amanunt. Enjoy!