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[EN] Subaru WRX, teasing…

And they tease us with this beautiful sneak peak of the front view – she looks interesting, and she will be unveiled next week, during the Los Angeles AutoShow.

Rumors has it that it will be a Turbo, that’s for sure, but a little uncertain regarding the engine sizing – will they downsize to a 1,6 liters – 240 HP or will they keep on going on the same 2.0 liters turbo (the same engine that can be found on the BRZ), with some little mods on the technical sheet.

Even though Subaru is keen to point that the car will be US specific only, i doubt that they won’t launch it to the Euro market as well, or if not exactly this one, something a little more adapted to the European market.

We shall wait and see…

[EN/RO][VIDEO] 50 years anniversary : Happy Birthday Porsche 911!

Happy Birthday Porsche 911! Well, this event has been already celebrated – they launched the 911 50th Anniversary Edition during the Frankfurt Motorshow that took place a few weeks ago, in Germany, various television commercials or print ads. Everybody said “happy birthday, 911”, we all said it. But what’s really beautiful it’s about to come…

The Stuttgart based company gathered the whole seven generations of this living legend that’s called “the 911” and they all started to sing a beautiful “happy birthday” song, like in family.  Just listen to it… It gives you thrills…


Sa uram un calduros “La multi Ani” legendei 911 – desi am impresia ca anul acesta am tot facut-o cu varii ocazii, in special cu lansarea editiei limitate 50 Anniversary Edition de la Frankfurt, de acum cateva saptamani. Vorbim de o legenda in viata si un eveniment special marcant in calendarul fiecarui iubitor de automobile, atat noi cat si clasice.

Insa cea mai frumoasa urare o fac chiar stramosii actualului 911 – priviti in videoclipul de mai jos  cum cele sapte generatii s-au strans, s-au aranjat frumos in linie, si-au dres vocile si au inceput sa cante in cor celebrul imn de sarbatorire, totul in cinstea legendei ce dainuie chiar si in ziua de azi, cu aceeasi mandrie si renume. Merita vizionat.

[EN] Rumors has it: boosted CR-Z to come

Honda CR-Z, a very beautiful but dull car – nice clothes but wrong engine. Looks like this affirmation made the engineers at Honda to entirely rethink the model, so voices inside Honda are whispering that the next generation will be based on the Civic Type-R (yes, the new one), will be turbocharged and will be a direct competitor of the GT86 & BRZ.

Nothing official yet, but the Australian publication Motoring affirmed that it may be possible that the new engine will feature a hybrid turbo-charged 1.5 liter, with a total output of 224 HP (165 Kw) – in comparison with the power of the actual hybrid – 137 HP – and  a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. As I said before, we are talking about a combination between the hybrid and turbo system, combination that will improve the fuel consumption and generate a higher torque.

If everything goes well, we will have this beauty on the streets starting with 2016. I hope everything will do!

[EN][VIDEO] Nismo 370z vs Wingman

Let’s take one beautiful Nismo 370Z, throw it somewhere on the snowy roads of the Alps, and start a race between him and a bird. Uhm, ok, not really a bird, but a wing man… Yes, that’s correct.

370Z Nismo & Wingman

I found this more than interesting: the wing man – Dave Barlia – and the driver – Peter Pyzera – are engaging themselves into something quite stunning – who will win the race in the end?  Neither the car nor the “diving-into-the-air-man” is joking – the top-speed reached by the wing man is 210 km/h, and I don’t need to mention the car’s stats… In fact, the stats are the subject of this short video – the JukeRide analyses and

This video is the first of a short-footage videos launched by Nissan Motorsport division (aka Nismo) in order to  make us drool… So… Have fun watching!

[EN] 1,500,000 km & 40 years of history: Porsche 356

I couldn’t let this slip through my hands – because I cherish my car as well and think about driving her until the end of the days (her days, at least).  Last year I wrote an article about an American who drives his Volvo P1800S even now, after 4,800,000 km. I thought that was something. Today I had the surprise to discover another one, of course, a classic one – thanks to ‘ s article. Ladies and gents, I present to you today this stunning Porsche 356 with more than 1 million miles on board.

Bought by his father directly from dealer in 1964, this can easily be called a heritage, because the car is in the family for almost 40 years now and it’s being used as a daily car! This happens in San Pedro, California – the county where you can find some amazing occasions for riding a classic, doesn’t matter if it’s being used in a vacation mode or daily go-to-work style.

With exactly 1,577,000 kilometers on board – well, 980,000 miles for the car – 40 years of activity, three engine rebuilds, the car stands out from the crowd, and still provides a sensational feeling for everyone who drives her – despite the modest engine output – 75HP (1,6 liters engine). Because when she was built, it wasn’t all about power and torque, but more about the overall feeling. That was inherited from father to son, the reason why this car is so beloved by her heritor.  We can only say that the owner – Guy Newmark – shows a clear dedication to this brand in particular, as he also owns the 356B cabrio version, so this is not the only Porsche you can find in his garage.

In the end, it’s beautiful to discover friendships like this one, that have lots and lots of history and stories to be told, and I promise that I will bring them upfront whenever I will have the occasion to do so. Until then, enjoy the photo shoot.

Courtesy to for source and pictures.


[EN][Video] Behind the scenes: LINCOLN

I like stories. No, I love them. Because their are giving us the opportunity to look behind the curtains, how the show it’s created or how an original idea was initially born. And then, when you take a second at the final product, you suddenly see it with different eyes.

Founded almost 96 years ago, the american company imposed its presence on the market as a high-luxury brand, but see the story below, in images. You will discover the details of a hard work, the unique patterns that made Lincoln an icon of its time.

The Lincoln Motor Company Journey_09 The Lincoln Motor Company Journey_08 The Lincoln Motor Company Journey_07 The Lincoln Motor Company Journey_02 The Lincoln Motor Company Journey_01

Video & Images: 

[EN] [Video] My house, my garage: Ferrari 512 BBi and Holger Schubert

I guess it’s not a surprise for anybody that I am kind of fascinated about garages  – that’s because I personally dream of something like a “house-garage”, and it’s something amazing when you discover that you’re not the only one crazy enough to imagine that – others do that too.

We’re talking about art & design, and don’t get me wrong here, but I can prove my statement with hundreds of art exhibitions which are reflecting on how beautiful this mechanical art can be. I write this article for that category of readers who see more to their car than a simple object used for moving from place to place. I talk about those of you who have chosen the car that fitted perfectly with your soul and  personality.

To be honest, I am not surprised that this house won Architectural Digest’s Design Driven contest for best garage in 2009 , was already used in some commercials for Maserati, etc. Why is that? Because it was built especially for the car, the design,  its patterns and image. The owner – Holger Schubert – took his childhood dream – a classic ’84 Ferrari 512 BBi Berlinetta Boxer, and built his house around this car – yes, as funny as this sounds, Holger practically transformed his house – that’s also his office – into the ultimate living space (well, at least for every automobile enthusiast).

Let’s say something about this superb Ferrari – a pure Italian blood, designed by Leonardo Fioravanti (who’s guilty for other Italian legends like Daytona, F40, 365 GT4, 288GTO, etc.). It was born between 1974 – 1984,when it was replaced by the famous Testarossa. The 512 BBi is a collector not only because of her looks and performance, but also because only 1,007 units were ever built.

4.9 liters mid-engine, on a flat-12 displacement, developing 380 HP & 451 Nm torque, the cherry-top of the  Berlinetta’s weight – 1,500 kg. 

The house – an old ranch house located in Brentwood – Los Angeles, was redesigned to match the car, the tones, colors and style – everything was reconsidered. But how do you get the car inside and then back on the streets, as this Ferrari is on a daily base use, not being kept as a museum piece?!? Hogler built a bridge between the house and the road, that features a hydraulic ramp on one end – basically, the car is not turned on when he’s leaving the house, but pushed outside by the ramp.

It’s not only a superb, unique, award winning project – but also quite bit of expensive – Hogler paid no less than 1,5 million dollars for his stunning idea. But in the end, it’s not about money, but satisfaction and the smile that’s written on your face when you see that you have accomplished a dream – your dream!

“I enjoy driving the car on winding roads – where it’s not about speed, it’s about being in the right gear, shifting up, shifting down, really getting a feeling for the car”.

courtesy to for the video and photo gallery 

[EN] F1: McLaren & Honda, together again

At first only a rumor, but now a confirmation – Honda returns into the F1 Championship, this time in a strong collaboration with an “old pal” – the English builder McLaren.

Martin Whitmarsh, the CEO of McLaren’s group, stated for the press conference ” The names of McLaren and Honda are synonymous with success in Formula 1, and, for everyone who works for both companies, the weight of our past achievements together lies heavily on our shouldersIt’s fantastic news for everyone who loves Formula 1 to be able to welcome Honda back to Formula 1. Together, we’re about to embark on a new and extremely exciting chapter in McLaren’s history.

This partnership is not something new in the F1 world: between 1988 and ’92 McLaren and Honda won eight world championships and 44 grands prix, took 53 pole positions and set 30 fastest laps – all in just 80 grands prix. So we can say we have a recipe for success.

After more than 6 years of absence from the macadam, Honda returns on the track, preparing a 1.6 liters  turbo-charged engine – still under development in Tochigi, Japan factory, a setup that we will be able to see in action starting with 2015 F1 Championship.


[EN] The Beetle explosion, by Damián Ortega

It’s not a new subject for me or for most of you that there are some guys who can transform a simple and dull car into real piece of art.

They are called “the artists” because they see the same car like we do, but in a different perspective – where we can see a line they see a beautiful composition, where we see plain, they highlight a pattern, and so on. In short, I am amazed when I discover other occasions to admire a product like this one, a car transformed in a simple piece of art – The Beetle Explosion.


The exhibition – Cosmic Things – was first launched in 2002, in Pennsylvania, and was held at The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), and was born under the magnificent imagination of Damián Ortega, a Mexican artist who found his “muse” by looking at his personal ’83 VW Beetle. The car was immediately disassembled and exposed by hanging on the ceiling the museum, just like inside the pages of a mechanic’s instruction manual.

[EN/RO] Alfa Romeo’s dream garage

I don’t even know how to start this article. Why? Because sometimes images express more than words can. Maybe because in the absolute dream of every car enthusiast you will find something like this: a huge garage; and imagination can take you everywhere – from a crowded atelier to a beautiful showroom-like garage. Like this one.

Located in Montecito, California, this garage looks more like a museum than what you expected when hearing the word “garage”. Exclusive design, integrates also the living space area, this garage presents itself more like a museum than something I define as a space for “working-on-cars”. But that doesn’t bother me…

So, here we have an Italian showroom – as we can find four ultimate beauties alive, all dressed in red and carrying a single name – ALFA ROMEO! Giulietta SZ, Giulietta TZ, Dueotto and one piece of 33 Stradale, the last one so rare that can make anybody turn. You can see a short clip of this gorgeous house in the latest advertorial for 4C Competitzione. Anyway, images talk more than words can. Have fun.



Nici nu stiu cum sa incep acest articol. De ce? Pentru ca uneori imaginile spun mai mult decat pot articula eu in cuvinte. Poate pentru ca in visul absolut al fiecarui pasionat de automobile vom gasi asa ceva – un garaj imens, aparte. Diferenta va fi in produsele “expuse” in acesta, dupa imaginatie, buget dar si pasiune – in cazul de fata, avem parte de un garaj mai.. special.

Localizat in Montecito, California, garajul nostru seamana mai mult a muzeu decat a ceea ce lasa in minte cuvantul “garaj”. Exclusivist, integrat in spatiul locativ, garajul se prezinta mai mult ca un muzeu decat a ceva ce am defini precum un spatiu destinat automobilelor. Dar nici ca ma deranjeaza.

Asadar, avem parte de un showroom al italiencelor. Caci acest garaj este dominat de patru superbitati in viata, toate imbracate in rosu si avand o singura emblema in spate: ALFA ROMEO! Giulietta SZ, Giulieta TZ, Duetto si una bucata 33 Stradale, ultima atat de rara incat intoarce orice privire chiar si stand pe loc. Ba mai mult de atat, garajul cat si casa pot fi urmarite in ultimul videoclip lansat pentru noul 4C Competitzione. In orice caz, imaginile vorbesc de la sine!

Curtoazie, caci daca n-ar fi ei, n-am pune ochii pe asa superbitate de garaj.


[EN/RO][Video] Porsche 356 by Type2Detectives

When we are talking about custom built cars, we can say we have some good damn projects. Especially when I will show you this one: a custom built classic 356 Porsche, the grandfather of the famous 911 model.

329319_223542184369460_1524747196_o 334610_224673817589630_2112815212_o 356 Stephen Brooks_01 356 Stephen Brooks_03

Little know that not only this was the first Porsche model that was produced in series, but from 76,000 pieces that were totally built (from 1948 to 1965), only 30,000 are supposed to be “alive” today, spread around the globe, so we’re talking about history here!

The “little” 356 Porsche featured in our movie was born in 1958, rescued from a garage after being forgotten and neglected for 15 years and it was rejuvenated  by the guys from Type2Detectives custom garage. The car feature a very unique paint and body work, because the initial idea was to have a “rough” car, without expensive bodywork that can “break” his owner’s heart (and wallet) each time he drives it in the crowded London. Also the interior is presented in a very austere – stripped to the bone, to be more specific.

But hush now and have fun watching this short movie.

356 Stephen Brooks_04

Cand vine vorba despre masini construite sau modificate custom, putem spune cu mana pe inima ca avem la dispozitie cateva modele ale naibii de bune! In special modelul de mai jos – una bucata Porsche 356, aka bunicul faimosului 911.

Putini cunosc totusi cum ca micul 356 este primul model Porsche produs in serie, dar din 76,000 de bucati cate au fost produse (in perioada 1948 – 1965), din care mai putin de jumatate mai “supravietuiesc”, la nivel global (circa 30,000 de bucati).

Personajul principal din povestea noastra de astazi a fost nascut in 1958, salvat dintr-un garaj in care zacea de mai bine de 15 ani, “reintinerit” mai apoi de mesterii Type2Detectives Custom Garage. Un element mai aparte il reprezinta caroseria si vopseaua, special gandite pentru linistea proprietarului ce supravietuieste intr-un oras aglomerat precum Londra, si nu are de gand sa isi bata prea mult capul cu micile zgarieturi. Aspectul final trage masina undeva spre rat-rods, dar nu ii sta rau. De asemenea, interiorul acesteia este foarte auster, dupa cum se paote bine observa in poze.

Insa gata vorbaraia, vizionare placuta!

THREE | FIVE | SIX – brought to you by & Scene Media featuring Jason MacLean’s Porsche 356 and Charlotte Louisa Moran.

Music: The Glitch Mob – Fortune Days

[EN] TYPE ONE garage, in Tokyo

I am passionate about cars, yes, especially if we are talking about an exotic Japanese or some sexy Italian material. But in this particular case I will talk about Japanese. Or Japan. Or an architectural work of art. What you’ll see here it’s a working garage, not a museum (like the one presented one week ago, with the 33 Stradale).

I should not start by saying that this stunning place can be found in Japan, and it’s an architectural work of art also. It’s designed to be a display/showroom/working garage by the masterminds of “Torafu Architects”, aiming for the exclusive clients of customized cars, that are in particular eager to know what’s going on in the shop, how the employees are taking care of their precious jewels.

Sleek as a showroom, practical as an auto shop,  the garage is located in Tokyo, Japan and it’s offering a very warm welcome to everyone who’s crossing it’s opened door. And you’ll also won’t forget that you’re in a garage – the touches of cement that are covering the walls, the car lifts, painted in grey so they’ll match the color palette, also to create a contrast between the “displayed” cars and the interior.

The architects wanted to keep the sleek design of an architectural modern piece, but also to maintain the utility and the designation of this shop – that’s an auto repair shop, in fact. A BRILLIANT one, I should say… !

[EN/RO] The Silence of Dogs in Cars

The gallery I am about to show you is presenting the vision of an artist – Martin Usborne, an English photographer, passionate about animals; the gallery is portraying the lonely dog that is patiently waiting in the car the return of his owner. And not only one, but several images that contain a dose of dramatic and cinematic effects, which are depicting a simple both human and animal emotion: the fear of abandon.


Maybe one of the most expressive gallery that involves car and animals I ever found on the internet. It’s not even about cars, directly. Nor animals. It’s more about the emotion inside the picture itself. 

This exhibition is opened in London until the end of the month, @ The Little Black Gallery and was rewarded in 2012 as Best in Show in the Creative Review Photography Annual 2012. 

Have fun scrolling down the gallery!


Galeria ce urmeaza sa o prezint este alcatuita prin viziunea artistica a unui fotograf londonez de renume, indragostit atat de animale cat si de fotografie – galeria expune imaginea unui catel singur inchis intr-o masina, asteptand cuminte intoarcerea stapanului. Si nu numai una, ci mai multe portete ale diferitor caracte, fotografiile continand o doza de efecte dramatice și cinematografice, ce ilustreaza o emotie extrem de simpla simpla, atat umana si animala: frica de abandon.

Probabil una din cele mai expresive galerii foto gasite de mine pe internet, ce implica atat animale cat si masini. Si totusi, imaginile nu au legatura nici cu masinile sau animalele, ci mai degraba cu emotia transmisa de acest amalgam de elemente cuprinse intr-o poza.


Colectia “The Silence of Dogs in Cars” a fost premiata in 2012 precum Best in Show in cadrul evenimentului Creative Review Photography Annual 2012, imaginile fiind expuse la Londra, in cadrul @ The Little Black Gallery, pana la sfarsitul lunii Aprilie.

Vizionare placuta!

And here it goes – the first article that’s going to be written in both English and Romanian, until I will have the time to finish up my newest blogging platform.