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[EN] Paris 2014: Citroen goes fashionable again – DS 3 signed by Ines de la Fressange Paris

We all know the french are very fashionable and all trendy, and that can be also applied to cars, as I can tell. And because Paris is usually the host of some important events, Citroen decided to launch here and now a new fashion-concept for their little DS3 for which they called in to help a well known Parisian model: Ines de la Fressange. The result? See it below.

The DS3 didn’t needed too much of design on it – the model itself was beautiful, styled and out-of-the-ordinary from the start, but I must say that I like the – haute-couture, indeed. The changes are subtle, the colors used are sleek and the overall image fits a lady (yes, ladies only, sorry guys) that’s elegant, bold and independent.

The styling touches can be easily observed on the exterior – there are two individual color combos for this special edition – the hatchback DS3 is available in a satin-finish Ink Blue, associated with a glossy Onyx Black roof, as for the DS3 Carbio version, all Perla Nera Black, mat Infinite Blue roof and an Infinite Blue soft top. 

Both cars share the same 17″ Aphrodite diamond-cut wheels and interior design, fabric and details. These little ones will be showcased starting with 2nd of October at Paris Auto Show, where you can see it live and maybe (who knows) order one also.

P.s. This year, Paris Auto Show will host an exclusive exhibition for Automobiles and Fashion, in collaboration with the famous VOGUE French magazine. Could this be also a reason for the Citroen’s new venture?! Who knows, we will see.



[EN] Louis Vuitton creates special luggage collection for the newest BMW i8

Not quite sure what to write about it – indeed it looks good for the show, I will not debate the quality or elegance of Vuitton’s products.  Luxury, like the i8, in fact.

[EN] Fiat 500 by Guerlain: La petite robe noire

It’s not something now to see that Fiat it’s releasing limited series for the little 500, so after we got our chances to see GQ, Gucci or even Barbie Edition, I now present to you the limited edition signed Guerlain -” La petite robe noire” – one of the most famous flavours launched by the French couturier.


This version is not bringing anything new in the technical sheet of the little 500/500c, but it’s rejuvenating the look with some new tones, leathers and trims, also being limited at a number of 500 pieces – reserved for the European market.

To continue with the details of this limited edition, the buyer will receive also a gift box with the famous perfume – “La petite robe noire”, the utilisation manual wrapped in leather, embodied with the Guerlain logo also.

So it’s just a normal Fiat 500, with just a touch of style in it. I think this version is the most classy and elegant one, much more than anything Fiat launched before for the little 500.  This version’s list price starts from 15,700 E.