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[EN] Polestar(ed): 650 HP in V8 for the new Volvo supercars

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I hear the word “Polestar” I think about those angry and smurfs-look-like little street monsters. But if until now we had to deal with normal engines, maybe with just a sip of tune in it, well… This time, Polestar has done it: 650 HP from the 5.0 V8 engine. Well, big engine, big number.

This engine will be featured on the newest racing supercars signed by the tuner, mostly sold on the Australian market. But what’s so special about it it’s the sound, some kind of unique tone and voice. If you don’t believe it, hit the video below – and wait until the engine will hit 7500 rpm. You’ll see that it will worth your time.

[RO][VIDEO] Jaguar Project 7

Jaguar. Project 7. Un soi de monopost de strada, un mélange intre F-Type si D-Type, cu o inima de brav soldat, mica de doar 550 CP.

Proiectat special pentru Goodwood Festival of Speed ce va lua startul Vineri, Project 7 se vrea a fi un omagiu adus anilor slujiti de felina in motorsport, imbinand frumusetea modelului cu tehnologia actuala si placerea de a conduce, atat.

Jaguar Project 7
Jaguar Project 7

La baza acestui project-car gasim renumitul F-Type, castigatorul de anul acesta a titlului “World Car Design of the Year”, care imparte nu numai parte din caroserie, cat si sasiul din aluminiu si motorul de 5.0L V8 si 550CP, legat la o cutie automata in opt trepte de viteza. Bine, aceste mici “detalii” le regasim destul de usor in lista de dotari a modelului de strada. Cu ce vine deosebit acest project car? In primul rand, masina se doreste a fi un omagiu la adresa celor sapte victorii pe care felina le-a avut in cadrul curselor de 24 de ore din LeMans de-a lungul anilor, motiv pentru care masina a fost gandita “one-seat-only”, adica monopost, adica doar pentru tine, soferul, atat!

Bine, este greu de crezut ca acest setup va vedea productia in linie prea curand – fara un setup mai performant, masina ramane doar la stadiul de proiect, adica n-ar prezenta avantaje fata de un F-Type normal, poate doar in ochii unui colectionar nebun…

News source: press release


[EN] F1: McLaren & Honda, together again

At first only a rumor, but now a confirmation – Honda returns into the F1 Championship, this time in a strong collaboration with an “old pal” – the English builder McLaren.

Martin Whitmarsh, the CEO of McLaren’s group, stated for the press conference ” The names of McLaren and Honda are synonymous with success in Formula 1, and, for everyone who works for both companies, the weight of our past achievements together lies heavily on our shouldersIt’s fantastic news for everyone who loves Formula 1 to be able to welcome Honda back to Formula 1. Together, we’re about to embark on a new and extremely exciting chapter in McLaren’s history.

This partnership is not something new in the F1 world: between 1988 and ’92 McLaren and Honda won eight world championships and 44 grands prix, took 53 pole positions and set 30 fastest laps – all in just 80 grands prix. So we can say we have a recipe for success.

After more than 6 years of absence from the macadam, Honda returns on the track, preparing a 1.6 liters  turbo-charged engine – still under development in Tochigi, Japan factory, a setup that we will be able to see in action starting with 2015 F1 Championship.