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[EN] The game is on: 2015 Honda Civic Type R

We’ve seen many pictures of the final form and we’ve heard numerous rumors regarding the new R member of the Honda Sports family – but this time, the Japanese say that this is it – Honda is revealing the final form of the 2015 CTR on the 2nd of October, at the Paris Auto Show.

They call it “the most powerful Type-R” ever created, with unmatched performance compared to all previous Type-R – excluding the NSX-R, of course. This blue little one is a mildly updated version of the CTR presented in March during Geneva Motorshow.

Technical speaking, the specs are similar with the ones we found out in March – a 2.0-liter turbocharged i-VTEC engine with an output of 280 HP, but with a lower redline – 7,000 rpm (compared to the 9,000 rpm we’re used to)…

In terms of novelties we can mention the magical “+R” button. Ehm, what is this? Something Honda says that when pressed, it activates the “+R” mode – heightened engine response by altering the torque mapping, makes the steering more responsive and tweaks the new four-point adaptive damper system for enhanced handling performance.

Suehiro Hasshi, Large Project Leader for the Civic Type R explained: “In default standard mode, the Civic Type R is exceptionally agile, an everyday sports car with an enjoyable and fluid acceleration. The  ‘+R’ button brings out a more dynamic and athletic car for the driver, to set pulses racing. The difference in character is immense. The ‘+R’ mode is extreme; the car is ideal for track use and will be appreciated by the genuine sports-driving enthusiast.”

As we are already accustomed with, this TypeR version will be built at Honda’s plant in Swindon, UK, it will arrive in dealerships during 2015.



[EN] Ferrari 458 Speciale A, ready for Paris

The Prancing Horse is again showing it’s beautiful shapes on the red carpet, this time he’s ready for a special parade in Paris, so prepare to greet the limited edition 458 Speciale A.

Limited to only 499 units, the 458 Speciale A is the most powerful spider in Ferrari’s agenda, a celebration for the real success the 458 model had in the last past years – numerous prizes, category wins in classic endurance races – LeMans, Sebring, Daytona – long story short, the 458 represents one of the most successful models of the Italian company.

But please, don’t be mistaken here – the new Ferrari 458 Speciale A (A from Aperta, which means open) is a Spider indeed, but not the ordinary 458 Spider we know – and it is probably  the last Ferrari with a naturally aspirated V8, since we are waiting to see the next evolution of the 458 in a twin-turbo setup..

This limited edition features a 4,5 L V8 engine, with a total output of 600 HP – with 30 more HP than the normal 458 Spider version, jumps from 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds (yes, three) and from 0-200 km/h in less than 10 seconds (9.5 seconds, more exact).

No need to say we will see this little on in Paris, on the 2nd of October. Stay tuned.

[EN] Paris 2014: Honda goes sport, or not quite – Civic Sport Edition

Less than 10 days remaining till its official launch in Paris, time in which Honda is revealing some  details about their new Civic Sport – sort to say the new Type-S, but they don’t call it like that, so I won’t, either.

Sport – but not so sport – the new Civic will keep some visual elements borrowed from the Type-R, sport elements that will be combined with the same engines from the standard version – the 1.8-litre I-VTEC, 142 PS petrol engine and 1.6-litre i-DTEC, 120 PS diesel engine. And by saying visual, I meant to say only this – no improvements  or upgrades  will be applied on the technical sheet.

The exterior will feature a new front bumper with a lower grille mesh and a black roof lining for the cabin, details that are echoing the design of the forthcoming Type-R.

But in the same time, Honda is upgrading a little bit also the standard Civic, so the changes will be adopted by the Sport derivative as well – new headlamps with integrated daytime running lights, redesigned new front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and LED taillights.

The interior will feature some changes regarding the in-car entertainment – by adding the all-new in-car audio and information system – Honda Connect. This new information system runs on Android 4.0.4 and offers beside media facilities some others functions like Bluetooth connectivity, internet browsing, satellite navigation (optional) and rear-view parking camera. Long story short – a new all-in media unit.

The new Civic Sport and the other novelties will be presented in Paris, on the 2nd of October, during the Paris AutoShow.

[RO] Doi noi membrii in echipa Stepway: Lodgy & Dokker

Dacia nu sta degeaba, pregatind pentru lansarea de la Paris doua noi modele ce vor purta insigna Stepway – Lodgy si Dokker.

Chiar daca Stepway a luat un start timid, a recuperat destul de repede teren,  bucurandu-se  de un real succes pe modelul Sandero, ale carui vanzari s-au situat destul de sus, desi diferentele fata de modelul de baza sunt mai mult de nivel optic decat tehnice.

In cazul lui Lodgy si Dokker, se va aplica aceeasi reteta – exteriorul va beneficia de elementele specifice versiunii Stepway – barele de pe acoperis, carcasele de oglinzi, plasticele din lateral, grila fata, cat si jantele din aliaj pe 16 inchi; interiorul beneficiaza de o tapiterie distincta Stepway, avand cusaturile laterale albastre – aceeasi nuanta de  albastru ce poate fi regasita in trimurile de pe bord si volan.

Despre motorizari n-avem nimic special de zis , fiind aceleasi de pe variantele standard Lodgy & Dokker. Cei doi newcomeri vor fi prezentati oficial in cadrul Salonului Auto de la Paris, ce va lua startul in doua saptamani, preturile nefiind inca comunicate.


[RO] 600 CP pentru noul M5 30 Jahre Edition

Cu ocazia celor 30 de ani de existenta M5, BMW lanseaza pentru deliciul pasionatilor o editie speciala – nu ca n-ar fi ceva obisnuit in palmaresul masinilor cu traditie. Insa de data asta nu vorbim despre un simplu M5 Anniversary Edition, cu alte trimuri si alta piele, ci si de cel mai puternic M5 produs vreodata de firma Bavareza. Sau mai bine zis, cel mai puternic BMW de serie construit vreodata.

Mai pe romaneste, noul M5 “30 Jahre M5” ofera un meniu complet: 600 CP si un cuplu de 700 Nm, 0-100 km/h in mai putin de 3,9 secunde si un consum mediu estimat de 9,9 l/100 km. 

La capitolul design, M5 30 Jahre combina elemente din seria Individual alaturi de cele specifice seriei M, melange-ul final fiind unul foarte desirabil puritanilor marcii cat si nu numai.

Acum partea mai putin placuta – modelul este limitat la FIX 300 de bucati, asa ca daca printre voi se afla doritori, grabiti-va. Lasand la o parte aspectul editiei FOARTE limitate, cel al fisei tehnice la fel de speciala, M5 reprezinta practic un membru fondator al scenei Business-Sport Sedan, dovada vie fiind prestatia automobilului din 1985 pana astazi.

[EN][VIDEO] The Baby beast: all-quattro Audi S1

It was just a matter of time until Audi launched the Sport version for it’s little baby – A1, so ladies and gents, I present to you the newest baby-beast: the S1.

This new hothatch comes in two version, like the normal A1 does also – Coupe and Sportback, and his technical sheet reveals 231 HP from the 2.0 TFSi engine, offering a round torque of 370 Nm, 0-100 km/h in 5.8 seconds and a top speed of 250 km/h. Well, indeed, not extraordinary in numbers, but we are kind of already used with the performances of the classical 2.0 TFSi from VAG.  Ok, nothing so spectacular here, until I found this:  S1 is the first quattro drive in the small compact segment, so things are getting suddenly interesting.

It’s not new to see the Audi S1 as something interesting – some of you all ready know the reputation S1 garnered in the late ’80s while racing the  World Rally Championships, even though we are talking about a completely different car today. But as nothing is really impossible, I am very curious to see how some numbers and results will look for the new Audi S1 Racing Cars in the WRC competitions. 

Price range? Well, as used with the Audi models –  €29,950 and €30,800 respectively for the Germany market.

[EN] Polestar(ed): 650 HP in V8 for the new Volvo supercars

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I hear the word “Polestar” I think about those angry and smurfs-look-like little street monsters. But if until now we had to deal with normal engines, maybe with just a sip of tune in it, well… This time, Polestar has done it: 650 HP from the 5.0 V8 engine. Well, big engine, big number.

This engine will be featured on the newest racing supercars signed by the tuner, mostly sold on the Australian market. But what’s so special about it it’s the sound, some kind of unique tone and voice. If you don’t believe it, hit the video below – and wait until the engine will hit 7500 rpm. You’ll see that it will worth your time.

[EN] Fiat 500 by Guerlain: La petite robe noire

It’s not something now to see that Fiat it’s releasing limited series for the little 500, so after we got our chances to see GQ, Gucci or even Barbie Edition, I now present to you the limited edition signed Guerlain -” La petite robe noire” – one of the most famous flavours launched by the French couturier.


This version is not bringing anything new in the technical sheet of the little 500/500c, but it’s rejuvenating the look with some new tones, leathers and trims, also being limited at a number of 500 pieces – reserved for the European market.

To continue with the details of this limited edition, the buyer will receive also a gift box with the famous perfume – “La petite robe noire”, the utilisation manual wrapped in leather, embodied with the Guerlain logo also.

So it’s just a normal Fiat 500, with just a touch of style in it. I think this version is the most classy and elegant one, much more than anything Fiat launched before for the little 500.  This version’s list price starts from 15,700 E.

[EN] SUPRAdose, signed by Toyota – of simply FT-1 for the moment

At last, it seems that Toyota is resurrecting the legends, and I dearly hope and pray that it won’t make a mess out of it – so here we have – the FT-1 aka the future SUPRA.

One of my childhood madness and most beloved products signed by the Nippon automaker, this “how-it-should-look-like” concept was revealed today, during Detroit NAIAS AutoShow.

FT-1’s futuristic design is signed by Calty Design Research – who’s also guilty for Toyota Celica’s design and… that’s about it in the sport class – they are also responsible for RAV4, Prius, but that’s not something relevant in our case, for the moment. Also the fact that the company is entirely American, it lifts a little bit from the mirage of this Japanese car… Oh well, let’s see where it leads, in the end, because let’s not forget that we are still talking about a concept car, not at all about a final product of what the new Supra should look like.

I don’t want to go deep into the details – there aren’t very much to explain about this large coupe nor any detailed technical sheets  – its aggressive image and sassy interior are leaving us the impression that this time is going to be something that’s going to matter on the automotive scene. We will see.

And as a short p.s. – FT-1 means ” « Future Toyota n°1″.

[PHOTO] 2015 Subaru WRX STi

A few days before the official launch in Detroit, Subaru is lifting the veil, revealing some other detailed images of its newest baby: Impreza WRX STi.

The technical sheet for this little one it’s not saying very much for the moment – 2.5 liter, 300 HP (224 kW) and a torque of 393 Nm, but I’m sure that in a few days we will hear more about it.

That’s about it for the moment, we will wait for the official launch at NAIAS, until then enjoy the images.



[EN] Honda – a new Fit, in 2014

Honda will release their newest Fit in 2014, during Detroit AutoShow.

We are not that full in technical details, but we do know that we are talking about a redesigned new Fit, as the press-release presented today. The Fit 2015 will feature significant changes regarding the general design and not only that, being set to offer more enchanted performances and fuel-efficiency compared to the old generation, courtesy of the newest Earth Dreams Technology powertrain.

Fit is one of the best selling Honda models worldwide, so we are keen to see what the Nippon company is preparing for their third generation of this subcompact-class car; more details, in January, on the 13th.

[EN] Fresh out of the oven: Audi Q1

Yes, you’ve read it well: Audi confirmed a few hours ago the Q1 as the new member of the Q family, starting with 2016.

After Q3, Q5, Q7, the Q1 is getting in line to become the youngest member produced at the Inglostadt factory, where Audi produces now A & B segments cars – A3, A4 and A5. Rupert Stadler – Audi’s CEO – stated that the new Q1 will represent a key component of the growth strategy of the company, a strategy that’s aiming a totally of 60 models until 2020, a big step if we think that right now Audi has a total of 49 models into the “books”.

We don’t have any kind of other updates regarding this new “baby-Audi”, but we will keep you posted.

[EN] Tokyo 2013: Honda S660

We saw this little one two years ago, under the name of EV-Ster, when they all yelled “it’s only a prototype, don’t get your hopes high”; a few months ago we heard is possible to see it come to reality – and yesterday Honda released the veil from the mystery – S660, directly from Tokyo Autoshow.

I sincerely loved the EV-STER, when I saw it with my own eyes, last year, in Paris. Although this one is STILL a concept, I have no doubt that it will transform into a real and full functional model sooner or later  in the next two years. If not exactly this, something similar – Honda is missing a sport convertible car from the catalog, so they must fix this… I say.

Of course that at the Autoshow in Tokyo, Honda did not said much about the little S660, leaving us in a little blur. But we will live and see.

[EN] Tokyo 2013: Vezel, a new baby-SUV in the Honda family

Honda revealed the new Vezel SUV yesterday evening, during the 43 edition of Tokyo Autoshow, but unfortunately we lack the technical details sheet – the officials said that those details will be available later this year.

In contempt the fact that for the moment  they are going to deliver it only on the Asian market – the Vezel is interesting because, in fact, it’s not a completely Sport Utility Vehicle, but a new concept – I like to call it rather an urban SUV, because of its looks and size.  Honda’s officials described the new Vezel: ” a completely new model that goes beyond the boundaries of automobile categories by fusing together multifaceted values at a high level, including the dynamic qualities of an SUV, the elegance of a coupe and the functionality of a minivan.

About the Vezel we know that it’s going to be available in two options – 2WD and 4WD, will feature 2 motorization – both 1,5 liter, a hybrid and also a normal gasoline engine. The hybrid will be feature the Sport Hybrid i-DCD technology ( Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive), while the petrol will be a normal direct injection engine. Not quite sure about this last one, if it’s going to be a turbo or not,  but we will see later next month.

Also, here it’s a live photo gallery from our colleagues from, directly from the event. 

[EN] Turbo-VTEC-freak: 2015 Honda Civic Type-R

We saw teasers, camouflaged cars, we heard rumours about it – right before the start of the Tokyo Auto Show, Honda reveals the new and long waited Civic Type-R, without any kind of inhibitions. And she rocks!

2.0 liter and an output of 280 HP – that’s what Honda is bringing new to the table, everything coming our from the newest turbocharged – VTEC engine from Honda, EURO 6 compliant. This engine is a bold move for Honda, and it will be in premiere on the European market.

The car was presented yesterday, in Japan, but the video presented below was filmed at the Nurburgring circuit , in Germany; Gabriele Tarquini, the pilot who took the new turbocharged  CTR for a spin stated that: ” ‘The car and the characteristics of the car were fantastic. I was really impressed by the power and the torque of the engine but also by the set-up they achieved…The car is very pointed on the front and very fast to change direction’. ‘This car is very close to my racing car and you can feel very well the DNA of Type R.

As many of you already know, the official launching of this car is postponed for 2015, but we will have more details later this week, from Tokyo.

[EN] Subaru WRX, teasing…

And they tease us with this beautiful sneak peak of the front view – she looks interesting, and she will be unveiled next week, during the Los Angeles AutoShow.

Rumors has it that it will be a Turbo, that’s for sure, but a little uncertain regarding the engine sizing – will they downsize to a 1,6 liters – 240 HP or will they keep on going on the same 2.0 liters turbo (the same engine that can be found on the BRZ), with some little mods on the technical sheet.

Even though Subaru is keen to point that the car will be US specific only, i doubt that they won’t launch it to the Euro market as well, or if not exactly this one, something a little more adapted to the European market.

We shall wait and see…

[EN] Rumors has it: boosted CR-Z to come

Honda CR-Z, a very beautiful but dull car – nice clothes but wrong engine. Looks like this affirmation made the engineers at Honda to entirely rethink the model, so voices inside Honda are whispering that the next generation will be based on the Civic Type-R (yes, the new one), will be turbocharged and will be a direct competitor of the GT86 & BRZ.

Nothing official yet, but the Australian publication Motoring affirmed that it may be possible that the new engine will feature a hybrid turbo-charged 1.5 liter, with a total output of 224 HP (165 Kw) – in comparison with the power of the actual hybrid – 137 HP – and  a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. As I said before, we are talking about a combination between the hybrid and turbo system, combination that will improve the fuel consumption and generate a higher torque.

If everything goes well, we will have this beauty on the streets starting with 2016. I hope everything will do!

[EN/RO][VIDEO] Honda Civic Type-R, spied

Looks like the new CTR has been spied on the Nürburgring two days ago, wearing the well-known camouflage clothes so that nobody will suspect anything. Well… To be honest, we do suspect! A lot!

Last year, during the press conference of Paris Auto Show, when they showcased the WTCC Race Car and presented its newest engine – 1.6-liter 4 cylinder direct injection turbo-charged petrol engine, we received a tip that something similar to this engine will be used for the newest generation of the Type-R. Nothing certain, just that the engine will be around 1,6 and turbo-charged.

Rumor has it  the engine will have an output like around 300 HP, due to the fact that the hot-hatches market raised its stack to minimum 260 HP, but it’s not likely to surpass this number. Also, let’s not forget that at the moment of the announcement, the car’s main target was to s

In this spy photos we can easily observe the aggressive look – the double exhaust pipes, the large intercooler, the wide body-kit – though to be honest, it looks more like a tuned version. But we will see – when? Most probably in 2014 we will have a concept @ Geneva’s Auto Show, who knows?

Se pare ca frumosul si mult asteptatul Type-R a fost vazut plimbandu-se linistit pe Nürburgring, acum doua zile, camuflat pana in dinti, sa nu dea de banuit…

Despre noul CTR scriam anul trecut, dupa intalnirea de presa de la Salonul Auto de la Paris, cand Honda a prezentat noul model Civic  construit special pentru campionatul WTCC, exemplar ce venea echipat cu un motor 1,6 l turbo, moment ce a deviat discutia spre subiectul nostru: Civic Type-R. Oficialii au negat ca acesta va fi motorul folosit pentru noua generatie, insa au apreciat ca valorile se vor regasi undeva in aceeasi gama si cilindree, iar noul motor va fi un turbo.

Cateva luni mai tarziu, ne ajunge la ureche zvonul ca noul CTR va dezvolta undeva in jurul a 300CP, daca nu chiar mai mult de atat (intr-un setup ulterior), intrucat concurenta a ridicat destul de mult stafeta in categoria hothatches. Oricum, noul Type-R este binevenit, ba chiar foarte asteptat de catre fanii Honda, deoarece in ultimii ani a cam disparut adevaratul sinonim al “sport & performance” din cataloagele de fabrica Honda (nu vorbesc de motorsport, ci doar de strada). Niponii mai au putin de completat la gama de autovehicule sport oferite pentru a putea intregi gama de modele – insa nu este exclus sa avem parte de inca cateva noi modele in viitorul apropiat, inclusiv un roadster – un zvon tacit ne vorbeste despre reinvierea micului Beat, dar ramane de vazut (va tin eu la curent, fiti fara griji).

Noul CTR se anunta a fi prezentat undeva la mijlocul anului viitor, insa noi il asteptam la Geneva, in Martie, cel putin sub forma de concept.