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[EN] NSX. Type-R?

We all love the NSX. Well, maybe I love the old generation rather than the newer one. Why? Guess it’s a subjective choice – I, one, I’m rather a petrol-headed girl that loves the old-ways more than the newer ones, but I’m not saying my way is the right way.

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My way is a stubborn-kind of way 🙂 I prefer the old smell of gasoline instead of the idea of new hybrids, electrically propelled cars. But this is me, my own kind of nuts 😅

Honda-hot-headed fans know that the newest NSX is kilometers away from the success of the previous generation, at least in the USA.

But hold your horse on, the Nippon constructor is thinking of spicing things up: rumor has it, Honda is going to release a Type-R version for the hybrid NSX coupe. Key numbers? A bit over 50.000$ the NSX base price.


More details in January, during Tokyo AutoSalon. 🙃

[EN] Rumour has it: two engines for the new Honda S2000

Not long ago, Honda confirmed a successor for the beloved roadster S2000, but they kept for themselves the technical sheets or any other relevant information. The only thing that was for sure was the fact that the new roadster will feature one of the new VTEC turbo engines. Which one of it, that’s not yet for sure.

The website unveiled yesterday a rumor stating that the new S2000 will be a direct competitor for the Mazda MX-5 roadster, and its “little kid” – The Fiat 124 Spider. The newcomer will feature the same technical details like its predecessor – a rear-wheel-drive roadster, featuring a front-mounted engine, positioned behind the front axle.


Ok, ok, but what’s the catch? Rumour has it: there will be two options – a lighter version, powered by the upcoming 1.5 litre turbo VTEC engine, with a total output of 183 HP, to compete directly with the Mazda roadster, and a second one, which will feature the beloved 2.0 Turbo VTEC from his big brother – the Civic Type-R, with a total around 300 HP, same as the CTR.

But there’s more: seems like a Type-R version will be available for the roadster, featuring some add-ons, like a limited-slip differential at the rear, six-speed manual transmission, a track-oriented suspension and an advanced brake system, to match up the performance and to be prepared in case Abarth will throw on the market a tuned-up version of  Fiat’s 124 little roadster.

For the moment, all of this info are rumors, and the pictures are simply renderings from carscoops & Autocar, but we are very-VERY interested in this matter and I will keep you posted with all the updates.

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[RO] Vom avea un nou Suzuki Cappucino din 2016?

Suzi-Suzi, nu te opresti din surprize, nu-i asa? Umbla vorba in targ cum ca niponii de la Suzuki ne pregatesc un nou Cappucino  in viitorul apropiat – undeva in 2016 mai exact; adevarul este ca din grila de modele lipsea cu desavarsire un cabrio, asa ca… de ce nu?

Prima generatie a micului Cappucino a fost disponibila in perioada 1991-1997, bucurandu-se de un succes mare atat in Japonia cat si peste ocean. Iar cand ma folosesc de adjectivul mic, chiar vorbesc serios – Cappucino cantarea doar 725 kg, venea echipat cu un motor DOHC turbo de 657 cmc (0.6l), avand un output de 63 CP, fata de concurentii sai directi – Honda delSol sau Miata, ce prezentau o “fisa tehnica” incepand cu 1490 cmc, peste 100 CP si aproape o tona in greutate, adica in mare parte dublu…

Colegii de la ne-au adus la ureche zvonul cum ca niponii de la conducerea Suzuki se afla in discutii cu Caterham pentru a reinvia micul Cappucino – pentru moment, nimic nu este oficial. Insa daca s-ar adeveri, Cappucino ar imparti acelasi motor cu Caterham Seven – 660 cmc turbo in trei cilindrii, ce produce 125 CP si ar beneficia de acelasi tip de tractiune spate precum prima generatie.  Insa, dupa cum am specificat, vorbim doar de un zvon. Iar tu Honda, pe cand un nou Beat?

Next-generation-Suzuki-Cappuccino-convertible Suzuki-Cappuccino-rendering Next-generation-Suzuki-Cappuccino