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[EN][VIDEO] Oldies but goldies: Donald John Campbell sets World Speed Record

More than 51 years ago, Donald John Campbell sets the astonishing World Record of 648 km/h for a four-wheeled car at Lake Eyre, in Australia. But still, John was disappointed because the car was designed for something more than 800 km/h… The car was designed by the Norris brothers, who already had designed the highly successful Bluebird K7 hydroplane (also a world-record setter), a four wheel drive and powered by a Bristol-Siddeley Proteus free turbine eying of 3320 kW. 

Ladies and gents, John Campbell and his Bluebird-Proteus CN7! 


Because 2015 is a fresh year for Honda – each model within Honda’s line-up is new or has been refreshed, new ventures were started – see Honda’s comeback in F1 or the HondaJet – and now we have IGNITION. 

What is Ignition, in fact? An emotive video, perfectly describing the spirit, the feeling and the passion behind the Japanese company. 

Click on the clip to understand what I am talking about. 

[EN][VIDEO] The Baby beast: all-quattro Audi S1

It was just a matter of time until Audi launched the Sport version for it’s little baby – A1, so ladies and gents, I present to you the newest baby-beast: the S1.

This new hothatch comes in two version, like the normal A1 does also – Coupe and Sportback, and his technical sheet reveals 231 HP from the 2.0 TFSi engine, offering a round torque of 370 Nm, 0-100 km/h in 5.8 seconds and a top speed of 250 km/h. Well, indeed, not extraordinary in numbers, but we are kind of already used with the performances of the classical 2.0 TFSi from VAG.  Ok, nothing so spectacular here, until I found this:  S1 is the first quattro drive in the small compact segment, so things are getting suddenly interesting.

It’s not new to see the Audi S1 as something interesting – some of you all ready know the reputation S1 garnered in the late ’80s while racing the  World Rally Championships, even though we are talking about a completely different car today. But as nothing is really impossible, I am very curious to see how some numbers and results will look for the new Audi S1 Racing Cars in the WRC competitions. 

Price range? Well, as used with the Audi models –  €29,950 and €30,800 respectively for the Germany market.

[EN][VIDEO] Nissan GT-R, or how the legend was born

You all know it – that one-of-a-kind supercar, that can be easily recognized not only by its looks, but by the sound also. Nissan’s most beloved children – the GT-R – is thought to be today’s Godzilla of the supercars.

Sharp but tough look, raw power and pure energy, this legendary car has also some kind of history behind it.

Get yourself comfortable and prepare for a little piece of history about one of the most beloved cars out there. You will enjoy it!

[EN][VIDEO] Santa’s red helper: Ferrari F138

Even Santa needs some help sometimes, especially when he’s in such a hurry to cover a worldwide huge list of “nice and naughty” – so Ferrari decided to throw a hand in and assigned  Marc Gene  to the job – he is this year’s Santa Little Helper, with his F138 in charge.

The video below really deserves an eye, so enjoy, maybe he will stop at your place also tonight, leaving you some car parts under the tree…

[EN][VIDEO] Power me up: CR-Z by HPD

For the love that I personally have for this car, deceived by the standard motorization, but happy to see that some tuners are still trying to make it worth – ladies and gents, I present to you Honda CR-Z , official version signed Honda Performance Development (HPD).

The HPD presented the CR-Z at SEMA Show, in Las Vegas, last month and with a total output of 190 HP and 235 Nm torque, this version in particular makes the CR-Z worth, I mean it,  and it‘s the first time when HPD offers a non-racing package to a street-use car, making us very-very happy … At least I am very happy!

What’s the secret inside? Well, supercharger is the name, that “not-so-little” detail that makes the CR-Z to boost over the boring factory setup – I don’t need to remind you that at origins, this car is a hybrid which produces a maximum power of 130 HP.

The supercharger adds some adrenaline to the setup, but the hot-hatch feeling it’s given by the whole combination of elements – the air-to-air intercooler, high flow injectors, re-calibrated ECU, air filter system; the chassis was improved also – dampers, coil springs and the big brake kit with 300 mm discs and monobloc four-piston calipers, the clutch was upgraded and a limited-slip differential was also installed. The HPD version is rolling on 18 inches alloy and 215/40 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

The style changes are sleek and discrete – HPD front lip spoiler, rear deck lid spoiler and an HPD emblem kit. Like I said – they keep it clean.

All this modifications were tested on-track at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb – and they successfully passed all exams. On the other hand, the price list is kind of spicy – almost everything I enlisted before is reaching 6600 $, adding also the cost of the supercharger – the price for this has not been yet listed by HPD. 

We all know that passion comes with its costs, for sure, but hell, if we don’t take time to enjoy our passions, our lives would be kind of stirred and… boring.

[EN][VIDEO] Samir, you’re breaking the car….!

By far, one of my all-time favourite video that you can find on YouTube – a few minutes spend on board with Samir and his co-pilot, whom he manages to terrorise – but at the end of the race no one gets hurt – so it’s a safe combination, I say…


You have to turn the wheel!

Sharp left! Sharp left! SHARP LEFT!!!

Medium right, c’mon Sammy. Please.

Medium left long. Medium left long! LONG!!! Long! Long! LONG!! TURN IN!

Medium left MEDIUM LEFT!!! Listen to my calls!

Sammy. You have to listen Sammy. Otherwise it is not working.

Samir, you are breaking the car!


Shut up. Don’t tell me how to drive.

[EN][VIDEO] May the Air Forces be with you: U.S. Air Force Lambo Murcielago

Is that a plane? Or a rocket? Oh no, it’s just a Lamborghini Murcielago, equipped with a Reventon-style body kit and a giant jet thruster-like exhaust in his ass. I’m sorry, on his back… 

That may seem fast at first sight? Sorry to disappoint you, but underneath the hood there is nothing special than a basic Murcielago, wearing a cute Halloween costume on – even if you expected to see a giant turbo-powered Lambo, judging by the size of exhaust, well…

[EN][VIDEO] Pirelli – The Calendar’s 50 anniversary

Released 50 years ago, the calendar from Pirelli was seen as a bold move in the year when it was launched, having some featured portraits of young ladies, kind of… nude. Well, not what we call today Hustler nude, rather a Penthouse ladies nudity and elegant sexuality…

Pirelli offered us a glance of retro look pictures with the 2014 calendar, using the signature photos of Helmut Newton – the iconic photographer that occupied the pages of Vogue magazine for many many years. This year’s calendar is something special, because it brings us the old feeling back – a little more about the car and the elegant presence of a lady rather than what we have today

The pictures were to be used in the 1986 edition, but the change was caused by the incapability of Helmut to deliver the photos in time, and the Italian company decided to use Bert Stern photos instead – the photographer who’s “guilty” for a big number of Marilyn Monroe’s portraits. So this year, for a special celebration, Pirelli decided to “spice” up things a little bit and dig for some little history – and that was a great and very appreciated move.

The Cal – as the Calendar is known as – was launched in 1964 and is known today as the most famous Yearly Calendar that exist on the market.

And last, but not the least, is the comment of Peter Beard, an american well-known photographer –  “The last thing left in nature is the attractiveness and beauty of women.


[EN] Turbo-VTEC-freak: 2015 Honda Civic Type-R

We saw teasers, camouflaged cars, we heard rumours about it – right before the start of the Tokyo Auto Show, Honda reveals the new and long waited Civic Type-R, without any kind of inhibitions. And she rocks!

2.0 liter and an output of 280 HP – that’s what Honda is bringing new to the table, everything coming our from the newest turbocharged – VTEC engine from Honda, EURO 6 compliant. This engine is a bold move for Honda, and it will be in premiere on the European market.

The car was presented yesterday, in Japan, but the video presented below was filmed at the Nurburgring circuit , in Germany; Gabriele Tarquini, the pilot who took the new turbocharged  CTR for a spin stated that: ” ‘The car and the characteristics of the car were fantastic. I was really impressed by the power and the torque of the engine but also by the set-up they achieved…The car is very pointed on the front and very fast to change direction’. ‘This car is very close to my racing car and you can feel very well the DNA of Type R.

As many of you already know, the official launching of this car is postponed for 2015, but we will have more details later this week, from Tokyo.