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[EN][VIDEO] World’s most AMAZING hobby

We are all different. Our personality, our ways of thinking or living our lives and even our hobbies are different also – but why? Because our passions are representing something distinctive, a particularity of  our personality.


If you consult the dictionary, you will see that passion is described as “a strong and barely controllable emotion.”. If you ask me, passion represent that inner and crazy power you suddenly get and need to fight for that something that you believe in and you want to build. And you know passionate people, doesn’t matter the subject of their madness – in our article I am about to reveal you the story of Jose Manuel Hermo Barreiro – the man that spent 1220 hours in building the world’s smallest v12 engine – and no, I am not kidding.

The man – Jose – better know as ‘Patelo’ – is an ex-naval mechanical constructor, who has dedicated his time to a hobby that some of us may find it crazy, but where his resulted products are a work-of-art. He spent more than 15,000 hours into this complex but tiny hobby (you can call it addiction, I call it passion), but the way he talks about his realization reveals that there is more to than meets the eye.

Contrary to what he does, to his creation – Patelo is not a patient man: “I have no patience at all, I’m a very impatient person; I do this because I love it” – this statement reveals exactly what I have told you earlier, at the beginning of this article – where there is passion involved, the result is always amazing – even though it takes more than passion to  struggle with this type of project from A to Z, but as we can easily observe, he doesn’t mind…

You can watch the video-story below, the story of a man that still lives his life with passion and creativity, a man that we can only admire!

P.s. All his creations are not completely fully functional, they are not using internal combustion for running, these little jewels are air-powered, but that doesn’t matter that much, though.

[EN][VIDEO] Roy Lichtenstein for BMW – 320i E21 “art-car”

Have you noticed how some people can easily transform cars, boats, scooters into a form of art? That’s because imagination has no limits or boundaries, not in space or time… And some create a mixture between art and utility, ending with a perfect functional product. That’s also ART.

A few months ago I told you the story of Damian Ortega, with his two exhibitions – the “Beetle Explosion” and “Miracolo Italiano”  – a purely form of art. His result was indeed just an exponent, but what I am about to show you now is not any kind of exhibition or museum work – but a working-perfectly-functional-piece-of-art. But before, just a few details about the author – Roy Lichtenstein – one of the pop-art most wanted painters of the century.

Roy Lichtenstein was born in New York, he studied like many others classical painting, but he “drifted” really fast into the Abstract world of art, starting really soon to introduce also some different animation characters into his paintings – and I am talking here about Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and the list goes on. In the 60’s, his move was seen as bold and daring, and this is why his work was unique at that time. He did not stopped here, later in the years his influences were Art-Deco forms, actual plastic or metal hardware, landscapes, everything mixed into a single painting.

On the other side, BMW was not at the first strike when they collaborated with Roy, in ’77 – the first “art car” of the Bavarian constructor was signed by Alexander Calder especially for the French race driver Herve Poulain durin the LeMans 24h race, in ’75, and the list continues until these days. But the car signed by Roy in 1977 had something special – we’re talking about a 320i E21 Group 5 race car; when he created the car, Roy said that his vision was : ” painted lines as a road, pointing the way for the car. The design also shows the scenery as it passes by. Even the sky and sunlight are to been seen….you could list all the things a car experiences – the only difference is that this car mirrors all these things even before it takes to the road .”

[EN/RO][VIDEO] 50 years anniversary : Happy Birthday Porsche 911!

Happy Birthday Porsche 911! Well, this event has been already celebrated – they launched the 911 50th Anniversary Edition during the Frankfurt Motorshow that took place a few weeks ago, in Germany, various television commercials or print ads. Everybody said “happy birthday, 911”, we all said it. But what’s really beautiful it’s about to come…

The Stuttgart based company gathered the whole seven generations of this living legend that’s called “the 911” and they all started to sing a beautiful “happy birthday” song, like in family.  Just listen to it… It gives you thrills…


Sa uram un calduros “La multi Ani” legendei 911 – desi am impresia ca anul acesta am tot facut-o cu varii ocazii, in special cu lansarea editiei limitate 50 Anniversary Edition de la Frankfurt, de acum cateva saptamani. Vorbim de o legenda in viata si un eveniment special marcant in calendarul fiecarui iubitor de automobile, atat noi cat si clasice.

Insa cea mai frumoasa urare o fac chiar stramosii actualului 911 – priviti in videoclipul de mai jos  cum cele sapte generatii s-au strans, s-au aranjat frumos in linie, si-au dres vocile si au inceput sa cante in cor celebrul imn de sarbatorire, totul in cinstea legendei ce dainuie chiar si in ziua de azi, cu aceeasi mandrie si renume. Merita vizionat.

[EN][VIDEO] Nismo 370z vs Wingman

Let’s take one beautiful Nismo 370Z, throw it somewhere on the snowy roads of the Alps, and start a race between him and a bird. Uhm, ok, not really a bird, but a wing man… Yes, that’s correct.

370Z Nismo & Wingman

I found this more than interesting: the wing man – Dave Barlia – and the driver – Peter Pyzera – are engaging themselves into something quite stunning – who will win the race in the end?  Neither the car nor the “diving-into-the-air-man” is joking – the top-speed reached by the wing man is 210 km/h, and I don’t need to mention the car’s stats… In fact, the stats are the subject of this short video – the JukeRide analyses and

This video is the first of a short-footage videos launched by Nissan Motorsport division (aka Nismo) in order to  make us drool… So… Have fun watching!

[EN/RO][VIDEO] Honda Civic Type-R, spied

Looks like the new CTR has been spied on the Nürburgring two days ago, wearing the well-known camouflage clothes so that nobody will suspect anything. Well… To be honest, we do suspect! A lot!

Last year, during the press conference of Paris Auto Show, when they showcased the WTCC Race Car and presented its newest engine – 1.6-liter 4 cylinder direct injection turbo-charged petrol engine, we received a tip that something similar to this engine will be used for the newest generation of the Type-R. Nothing certain, just that the engine will be around 1,6 and turbo-charged.

Rumor has it  the engine will have an output like around 300 HP, due to the fact that the hot-hatches market raised its stack to minimum 260 HP, but it’s not likely to surpass this number. Also, let’s not forget that at the moment of the announcement, the car’s main target was to s

In this spy photos we can easily observe the aggressive look – the double exhaust pipes, the large intercooler, the wide body-kit – though to be honest, it looks more like a tuned version. But we will see – when? Most probably in 2014 we will have a concept @ Geneva’s Auto Show, who knows?

Se pare ca frumosul si mult asteptatul Type-R a fost vazut plimbandu-se linistit pe Nürburgring, acum doua zile, camuflat pana in dinti, sa nu dea de banuit…

Despre noul CTR scriam anul trecut, dupa intalnirea de presa de la Salonul Auto de la Paris, cand Honda a prezentat noul model Civic  construit special pentru campionatul WTCC, exemplar ce venea echipat cu un motor 1,6 l turbo, moment ce a deviat discutia spre subiectul nostru: Civic Type-R. Oficialii au negat ca acesta va fi motorul folosit pentru noua generatie, insa au apreciat ca valorile se vor regasi undeva in aceeasi gama si cilindree, iar noul motor va fi un turbo.

Cateva luni mai tarziu, ne ajunge la ureche zvonul ca noul CTR va dezvolta undeva in jurul a 300CP, daca nu chiar mai mult de atat (intr-un setup ulterior), intrucat concurenta a ridicat destul de mult stafeta in categoria hothatches. Oricum, noul Type-R este binevenit, ba chiar foarte asteptat de catre fanii Honda, deoarece in ultimii ani a cam disparut adevaratul sinonim al “sport & performance” din cataloagele de fabrica Honda (nu vorbesc de motorsport, ci doar de strada). Niponii mai au putin de completat la gama de autovehicule sport oferite pentru a putea intregi gama de modele – insa nu este exclus sa avem parte de inca cateva noi modele in viitorul apropiat, inclusiv un roadster – un zvon tacit ne vorbeste despre reinvierea micului Beat, dar ramane de vazut (va tin eu la curent, fiti fara griji).

Noul CTR se anunta a fi prezentat undeva la mijlocul anului viitor, insa noi il asteptam la Geneva, in Martie, cel putin sub forma de concept.


[RO][VIDEO] Jaguar Project 7

Jaguar. Project 7. Un soi de monopost de strada, un mélange intre F-Type si D-Type, cu o inima de brav soldat, mica de doar 550 CP.

Proiectat special pentru Goodwood Festival of Speed ce va lua startul Vineri, Project 7 se vrea a fi un omagiu adus anilor slujiti de felina in motorsport, imbinand frumusetea modelului cu tehnologia actuala si placerea de a conduce, atat.

Jaguar Project 7
Jaguar Project 7

La baza acestui project-car gasim renumitul F-Type, castigatorul de anul acesta a titlului “World Car Design of the Year”, care imparte nu numai parte din caroserie, cat si sasiul din aluminiu si motorul de 5.0L V8 si 550CP, legat la o cutie automata in opt trepte de viteza. Bine, aceste mici “detalii” le regasim destul de usor in lista de dotari a modelului de strada. Cu ce vine deosebit acest project car? In primul rand, masina se doreste a fi un omagiu la adresa celor sapte victorii pe care felina le-a avut in cadrul curselor de 24 de ore din LeMans de-a lungul anilor, motiv pentru care masina a fost gandita “one-seat-only”, adica monopost, adica doar pentru tine, soferul, atat!

Bine, este greu de crezut ca acest setup va vedea productia in linie prea curand – fara un setup mai performant, masina ramane doar la stadiul de proiect, adica n-ar prezenta avantaje fata de un F-Type normal, poate doar in ochii unui colectionar nebun…

News source: press release


[EN][VIDEO] 65 years of Honda – Honda Hands

My favorite brand in the whole world celebrate this year its 65th anniversary – HONDA UK prepared for her loving fans a very nice video, with an unique purpose to reflect the products that instated the name of the Japanese constructor in history.

A short brief regarding the most famous products that Honda made, everything presented in a very “clean” matter – the hands of an engineer who are “modeling” the Honda products in an “origami”-matter – it resulted something really nice and pleasant to watch.


Source: Honda UK

[RO][Video] M3 – o retrospectiva in cateva imagini

Titan al motorsportului, cel mai cunoscut BMW poarta cu mandrie titlul de legenda, nu numai in “catastifele” nemtesti, cat si la nivel mondial.

De fapt M3 este mai mult de o legenda, alaturi de alti cativa “tovarasi” mitici alaturi de care a dainuit de-a lungul anilor in topuri si liste, reprezentand cu succes un etalon de sportivitate si un etalon pentru competitori. Chiar nu mai conteaza daca vorbesc de o generatie anume – E30, E36, E46, E90 sau E92 – M3 este masina ce o recunosti cel mai usor pe strada, chiar daca pasiunea ta principala nu o reprezinta automobilele.

M3 nu e primul M al bavarezilor, dar e cel mai important si cel mai celebru. A pornit cu ‘stangul’, prima generatie – E30 – facandu-si veacurile prin showroom-uri o perioada destul de indelungata, pana cand fanii au prins “gustul” micului ursulet (cum este denumit in underground E30-ul). Dar asta se intampla in anii ’80, fireste.

Anul trecut, prin Mai, am prezentat o scurta istorie a marcii “M-Technik”, cu ocazia aniversarii a 40 de ani de activitate. Astazi, bloggerii de la Electric Federal au pregatit ceva mai pe “subiect” – o retrospectiva a celui mai iubit dintre ei – M3, de la mic la mare. Vizionare placuta!



[EN][Video] Behind the scenes: LINCOLN

I like stories. No, I love them. Because their are giving us the opportunity to look behind the curtains, how the show it’s created or how an original idea was initially born. And then, when you take a second at the final product, you suddenly see it with different eyes.

Founded almost 96 years ago, the american company imposed its presence on the market as a high-luxury brand, but see the story below, in images. You will discover the details of a hard work, the unique patterns that made Lincoln an icon of its time.

The Lincoln Motor Company Journey_09 The Lincoln Motor Company Journey_08 The Lincoln Motor Company Journey_07 The Lincoln Motor Company Journey_02 The Lincoln Motor Company Journey_01

Video & Images: 

[EN/RO][Video] Porsche 356 by Type2Detectives

When we are talking about custom built cars, we can say we have some good damn projects. Especially when I will show you this one: a custom built classic 356 Porsche, the grandfather of the famous 911 model.

329319_223542184369460_1524747196_o 334610_224673817589630_2112815212_o 356 Stephen Brooks_01 356 Stephen Brooks_03

Little know that not only this was the first Porsche model that was produced in series, but from 76,000 pieces that were totally built (from 1948 to 1965), only 30,000 are supposed to be “alive” today, spread around the globe, so we’re talking about history here!

The “little” 356 Porsche featured in our movie was born in 1958, rescued from a garage after being forgotten and neglected for 15 years and it was rejuvenated  by the guys from Type2Detectives custom garage. The car feature a very unique paint and body work, because the initial idea was to have a “rough” car, without expensive bodywork that can “break” his owner’s heart (and wallet) each time he drives it in the crowded London. Also the interior is presented in a very austere – stripped to the bone, to be more specific.

But hush now and have fun watching this short movie.

356 Stephen Brooks_04

Cand vine vorba despre masini construite sau modificate custom, putem spune cu mana pe inima ca avem la dispozitie cateva modele ale naibii de bune! In special modelul de mai jos – una bucata Porsche 356, aka bunicul faimosului 911.

Putini cunosc totusi cum ca micul 356 este primul model Porsche produs in serie, dar din 76,000 de bucati cate au fost produse (in perioada 1948 – 1965), din care mai putin de jumatate mai “supravietuiesc”, la nivel global (circa 30,000 de bucati).

Personajul principal din povestea noastra de astazi a fost nascut in 1958, salvat dintr-un garaj in care zacea de mai bine de 15 ani, “reintinerit” mai apoi de mesterii Type2Detectives Custom Garage. Un element mai aparte il reprezinta caroseria si vopseaua, special gandite pentru linistea proprietarului ce supravietuieste intr-un oras aglomerat precum Londra, si nu are de gand sa isi bata prea mult capul cu micile zgarieturi. Aspectul final trage masina undeva spre rat-rods, dar nu ii sta rau. De asemenea, interiorul acesteia este foarte auster, dupa cum se paote bine observa in poze.

Insa gata vorbaraia, vizionare placuta!

THREE | FIVE | SIX – brought to you by & Scene Media featuring Jason MacLean’s Porsche 356 and Charlotte Louisa Moran.

Music: The Glitch Mob – Fortune Days

[EN] [VIDEO] The story of a legend: Rush

Niki Lauda – F1 legend, three times World Champion – and a movie that’s about to leave you speechless, telling the story of his life and former activity. But the motion picture is showing us the rivalry cum friendship and bond between him and James Hunt and how this can be transposed onto the track.

Maybe another one between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost can also be a blockbuster into the cinemas around the world, who knows?

The movie premier will take place in September for the United States, and for the rest of us.. after!

Video: Rallying a Lamborghini

Iata ceva ce nu vezi la orice colt de strada! Cine a zis ca Lamborghini a fost construit doar pentru macadam sau autostrazi?

Iata ca mai exsita nebuni cu orizonturi foarte deschise (si portofele la fel de wide-opened) ce considera ca pot interfera pe un drum de tara una bucata Gallardo, ba chiar mai mult, se pot si juca cu el in voie, la peste 200 km/h.

Videoclipul de mai jos este in trei episoade din mini-seria Rallying a Lamborghini, primul fiind publicat aseara, pentru celelalte doua, stick to the topic!