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[EN][VIDEO] The Baby beast: all-quattro Audi S1

It was just a matter of time until Audi launched the Sport version for it’s little baby – A1, so ladies and gents, I present to you the newest baby-beast: the S1.

This new hothatch comes in two version, like the normal A1 does also – Coupe and Sportback, and his technical sheet reveals 231 HP from the 2.0 TFSi engine, offering a round torque of 370 Nm, 0-100 km/h in 5.8 seconds and a top speed of 250 km/h. Well, indeed, not extraordinary in numbers, but we are kind of already used with the performances of the classical 2.0 TFSi from VAG.  Ok, nothing so spectacular here, until I found this:  S1 is the first quattro drive in the small compact segment, so things are getting suddenly interesting.

It’s not new to see the Audi S1 as something interesting – some of you all ready know the reputation S1 garnered in the late ’80s while racing the  World Rally Championships, even though we are talking about a completely different car today. But as nothing is really impossible, I am very curious to see how some numbers and results will look for the new Audi S1 Racing Cars in the WRC competitions. 

Price range? Well, as used with the Audi models –  €29,950 and €30,800 respectively for the Germany market.