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[EN] Damian Ortega’s Miracolo Italiano

About Ortega’s art I’ve spoken before – see the Beetle Explosion here – today I will tell you again about this strange and new form of art- Damian’s ART.

This time, Ortega presented his work of art in a  3D version of the spare-parts diagram in an owner’s manual – similar like he did with the Beetle’s explosion.  His work is special and innovative, like I once said – another side of the conventional art.

The “victim” of this exhibition is his personal Vespa PX, that took all the “needles and pinches” to be shown to the public world-wide in a very explicit position, in 2005, in the United States. Well, he needed two extra Vespas to complete this scenery, so his scooter is not showing-off alone on the scene.

No need to tell that I LOVE this form of art…


[EN] The Beetle explosion, by Damián Ortega

It’s not a new subject for me or for most of you that there are some guys who can transform a simple and dull car into real piece of art.

They are called “the artists” because they see the same car like we do, but in a different perspective – where we can see a line they see a beautiful composition, where we see plain, they highlight a pattern, and so on. In short, I am amazed when I discover other occasions to admire a product like this one, a car transformed in a simple piece of art – The Beetle Explosion.


The exhibition – Cosmic Things – was first launched in 2002, in Pennsylvania, and was held at The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), and was born under the magnificent imagination of Damián Ortega, a Mexican artist who found his “muse” by looking at his personal ’83 VW Beetle. The car was immediately disassembled and exposed by hanging on the ceiling the museum, just like inside the pages of a mechanic’s instruction manual.