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[EN/RO] Alfa Romeo’s dream garage

I don’t even know how to start this article. Why? Because sometimes images express more than words can. Maybe because in the absolute dream of every car enthusiast you will find something like this: a huge garage; and imagination can take you everywhere – from a crowded atelier to a beautiful showroom-like garage. Like this one.

Located in Montecito, California, this garage looks more like a museum than what you expected when hearing the word “garage”. Exclusive design, integrates also the living space area, this garage presents itself more like a museum than something I define as a space for “working-on-cars”. But that doesn’t bother me…

So, here we have an Italian showroom – as we can find four ultimate beauties alive, all dressed in red and carrying a single name – ALFA ROMEO! Giulietta SZ, Giulietta TZ, Dueotto and one piece of 33 Stradale, the last one so rare that can make anybody turn. You can see a short clip of this gorgeous house in the latest advertorial for 4C Competitzione. Anyway, images talk more than words can. Have fun.

[soruce: petrolicius.com]


Nici nu stiu cum sa incep acest articol. De ce? Pentru ca uneori imaginile spun mai mult decat pot articula eu in cuvinte. Poate pentru ca in visul absolut al fiecarui pasionat de automobile vom gasi asa ceva – un garaj imens, aparte. Diferenta va fi in produsele “expuse” in acesta, dupa imaginatie, buget dar si pasiune – in cazul de fata, avem parte de un garaj mai.. special.

Localizat in Montecito, California, garajul nostru seamana mai mult a muzeu decat a ceea ce lasa in minte cuvantul “garaj”. Exclusivist, integrat in spatiul locativ, garajul se prezinta mai mult ca un muzeu decat a ceva ce am defini precum un spatiu destinat automobilelor. Dar nici ca ma deranjeaza.

Asadar, avem parte de un showroom al italiencelor. Caci acest garaj este dominat de patru superbitati in viata, toate imbracate in rosu si avand o singura emblema in spate: ALFA ROMEO! Giulietta SZ, Giulieta TZ, Duetto si una bucata 33 Stradale, ultima atat de rara incat intoarce orice privire chiar si stand pe loc. Ba mai mult de atat, garajul cat si casa pot fi urmarite in ultimul videoclip lansat pentru noul 4C Competitzione. In orice caz, imaginile vorbesc de la sine!

Curtoazie petrolicius.com, caci daca n-ar fi ei, n-am pune ochii pe asa superbitate de garaj.


[EN] TYPE ONE garage, in Tokyo

I am passionate about cars, yes, especially if we are talking about an exotic Japanese or some sexy Italian material. But in this particular case I will talk about Japanese. Or Japan. Or an architectural work of art. What you’ll see here it’s a working garage, not a museum (like the one presented one week ago, with the 33 Stradale).

I should not start by saying that this stunning place can be found in Japan, and it’s an architectural work of art also. It’s designed to be a display/showroom/working garage by the masterminds of “Torafu Architects”, aiming for the exclusive clients of customized cars, that are in particular eager to know what’s going on in the shop, how the employees are taking care of their precious jewels.

Sleek as a showroom, practical as an auto shop,  the garage is located in Tokyo, Japan and it’s offering a very warm welcome to everyone who’s crossing it’s opened door. And you’ll also won’t forget that you’re in a garage – the touches of cement that are covering the walls, the car lifts, painted in grey so they’ll match the color palette, also to create a contrast between the “displayed” cars and the interior.

The architects wanted to keep the sleek design of an architectural modern piece, but also to maintain the utility and the designation of this shop – that’s an auto repair shop, in fact. A BRILLIANT one, I should say… !