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[EN] Ferrari 458 Speciale A, ready for Paris

The Prancing Horse is again showing it’s beautiful shapes on the red carpet, this time he’s ready for a special parade in Paris, so prepare to greet the limited edition 458 Speciale A.

Limited to only 499 units, the 458 Speciale A is the most powerful spider in Ferrari’s agenda, a celebration for the real success the 458 model had in the last past years – numerous prizes, category wins in classic endurance races – LeMans, Sebring, Daytona – long story short, the 458 represents one of the most successful models of the Italian company.

But please, don’t be mistaken here – the new Ferrari 458 Speciale A (A from Aperta, which means open) is a Spider indeed, but not the ordinary 458 Spider we know – and it is probably  the last Ferrari with a naturally aspirated V8, since we are waiting to see the next evolution of the 458 in a twin-turbo setup..

This limited edition features a 4,5 L V8 engine, with a total output of 600 HP – with 30 more HP than the normal 458 Spider version, jumps from 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds (yes, three) and from 0-200 km/h in less than 10 seconds (9.5 seconds, more exact).

No need to say we will see this little on in Paris, on the 2nd of October. Stay tuned.

[EN] [Video] My house, my garage: Ferrari 512 BBi and Holger Schubert

I guess it’s not a surprise for anybody that I am kind of fascinated about garages  – that’s because I personally dream of something like a “house-garage”, and it’s something amazing when you discover that you’re not the only one crazy enough to imagine that – others do that too.


We’re talking about art & design, and don’t get me wrong here, but I can prove my statement with hundreds of art exhibitions which are reflecting on how beautiful this mechanical art can be. I write this article for that category of readers who see more to their car than a simple object used for moving from place to place. I talk about those of you who have chosen the car that fitted perfectly with your soul and  personality.

To be honest, I am not surprised that this house won Architectural Digest’s Design Driven contest for best garage in 2009 , was already used in some commercials for Maserati, etc. Why is that? Because it was built especially for the car, the design,  its patterns and image. The owner – Holger Schubert – took his childhood dream – a classic ’84 Ferrari 512 BBi Berlinetta Boxer, and built his house around this car – yes, as funny as this sounds, Holger practically transformed his house – that’s also his office – into the ultimate living space (well, at least for every automobile enthusiast).


Let’s say something about this superb Ferrari – a pure Italian blood, designed by Leonardo Fioravanti (who’s guilty for other Italian legends like Daytona, F40, 365 GT4, 288GTO, etc.). It was born between 1974 – 1984,when it was replaced by the famous Testarossa. The 512 BBi is a collector not only because of her looks and performance, but also because only 1,007 units were ever built.

4.9 liters mid-engine, on a flat-12 displacement, developing 380 HP & 451 Nm torque, the cherry-top of the  Berlinetta’s weight – 1,500 kg. 

The house – an old ranch house located in Brentwood – Los Angeles, was redesigned to match the car, the tones, colors and style – everything was reconsidered. But how do you get the car inside and then back on the streets, as this Ferrari is on a daily base use, not being kept as a museum piece?!? Hogler built a bridge between the house and the road, that features a hydraulic ramp on one end – basically, the car is not turned on when he’s leaving the house, but pushed outside by the ramp.

It’s not only a superb, unique, award winning project – but also quite bit of expensive – Hogler paid no less than 1,5 million dollars for his stunning idea. But in the end, it’s not about money, but satisfaction and the smile that’s written on your face when you see that you have accomplished a dream – your dream!

“I enjoy driving the car on winding roads – where it’s not about speed, it’s about being in the right gear, shifting up, shifting down, really getting a feeling for the car”.

courtesy to petrolicious.com for the video and photo gallery 

Calutul cabrat renaste: LaFerrari sau cum arata 963 CP hibrizi

And it’s official – rivalul suprem al lui McLaren P1 si-a scos mustatile la aer, si-a dat capa jos si s-a aratat multimii infocate de la Geneva – doamnelor si domnilor… Ferrari F150! Sau LaFerrari, cum se alinta.

Presedintele Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, a declarat ca modelul este unul ce doreste a reprezenta pe deplin numele, un absolut al marcii, de aceea a fost si supranumit “LaFerrari”. Tocmai de aceea, modelul este unul exclusivist, rezervat doar clientilor de seama, 499 la numar, sa fie mai exact.

Este urmasul renumitului Enzo Ferrari, are “doar” 963 CP, este construit in 499 de exemplare  la un pret de numai 1,2 milioane de euro. S-a lansat acum 2 ore si deja toate exemplarele sunt acontate, pe langa alte 200 in plus, comenzi pe care nu stim inca daca stapanii calutului cabrat le vor onora sau nu. Noua, muritorilor de rand, ne ramane doar sa ne lungim ochii dupa monitoare. Desi productia lui Enzo, predecesorul lui LaFerrari, a fost limitata la 400 de bucati, pentru noul F150, compania italieneasca a declarat ca vor suplimenta cu 100 de bucati fata de generatia anterioara datorita cererii foarte mari venite de pe piata asiatica.

963 de caluti cabrati, ce reies cam asa: 800 dintr-un motor aspirat de 6.26 L V12 si  163 CP din motorul electric, din acest melange rezultand un cuplu monstru de 900Nm, ceva excesiv aparent, dar minunat! Acum, referindu-ne doar la partea motorului electric, F150 este primul model ce va beneficia de tehnologia HY-KERS, dezvoltata de Ferrari – acest sistem permite conectarea motorului termic si al celui electric la transmisia cu dublu ambreiaj, transformand intr-un mod inteligent energia ce altfel s-ar fi pierdut in procesul de rulare, reducand din emisiile de noxe ale autovehiculului.

Nu are rost sa vorbesc despre design, despre ce impresie lasa, despre efectul final. Va dati si voi singuri cu parerea.

Ah , mai are rost sa mentionez ca atinge 100 km/h in mai putin de 3 secunde…?

Credit photo: leblogauto.com