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[EN] SUPRAdose, signed by Toyota – of simply FT-1 for the moment

At last, it seems that Toyota is resurrecting the legends, and I dearly hope and pray that it won’t make a mess out of it – so here we have – the FT-1 aka the future SUPRA.

One of my childhood madness and most beloved products signed by the Nippon automaker, this “how-it-should-look-like” concept was revealed today, during Detroit NAIAS AutoShow.

FT-1’s futuristic design is signed by Calty Design Research – who’s also guilty for Toyota Celica’s design and… that’s about it in the sport class – they are also responsible for RAV4, Prius, but that’s not something relevant in our case, for the moment. Also the fact that the company is entirely American, it lifts a little bit from the mirage of this Japanese car… Oh well, let’s see where it leads, in the end, because let’s not forget that we are still talking about a concept car, not at all about a final product of what the new Supra should look like.

I don’t want to go deep into the details – there aren’t very much to explain about this large coupe nor any detailed technical sheets  – its aggressive image and sassy interior are leaving us the impression that this time is going to be something that’s going to matter on the automotive scene. We will see.

And as a short p.s. – FT-1 means ” « Future Toyota n°1″.