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[EN] The game is on: 2015 Honda Civic Type R

We’ve seen many pictures of the final form and we’ve heard numerous rumors regarding the new R member of the Honda Sports family – but this time, the Japanese say that this is it – Honda is revealing the final form of the 2015 CTR on the 2nd of October, at the Paris Auto Show.

They call it “the most powerful Type-R” ever created, with unmatched performance compared to all previous Type-R – excluding the NSX-R, of course. This blue little one is a mildly updated version of the CTR presented in March during Geneva Motorshow.

Technical speaking, the specs are similar with the ones we found out in March – a 2.0-liter turbocharged i-VTEC engine with an output of 280 HP, but with a lower redline – 7,000 rpm (compared to the 9,000 rpm we’re used to)…

In terms of novelties we can mention the magical “+R” button. Ehm, what is this? Something Honda says that when pressed, it activates the “+R” mode – heightened engine response by altering the torque mapping, makes the steering more responsive and tweaks the new four-point adaptive damper system for enhanced handling performance.

Suehiro Hasshi, Large Project Leader for the Civic Type R explained: “In default standard mode, the Civic Type R is exceptionally agile, an everyday sports car with an enjoyable and fluid acceleration. The  ‘+R’ button brings out a more dynamic and athletic car for the driver, to set pulses racing. The difference in character is immense. The ‘+R’ mode is extreme; the car is ideal for track use and will be appreciated by the genuine sports-driving enthusiast.”

As we are already accustomed with, this TypeR version will be built at Honda’s plant in Swindon, UK, it will arrive in dealerships during 2015.



[EN] Ferrari 458 Speciale A, ready for Paris

The Prancing Horse is again showing it’s beautiful shapes on the red carpet, this time he’s ready for a special parade in Paris, so prepare to greet the limited edition 458 Speciale A.

Limited to only 499 units, the 458 Speciale A is the most powerful spider in Ferrari’s agenda, a celebration for the real success the 458 model had in the last past years – numerous prizes, category wins in classic endurance races – LeMans, Sebring, Daytona – long story short, the 458 represents one of the most successful models of the Italian company.

But please, don’t be mistaken here – the new Ferrari 458 Speciale A (A from Aperta, which means open) is a Spider indeed, but not the ordinary 458 Spider we know – and it is probably  the last Ferrari with a naturally aspirated V8, since we are waiting to see the next evolution of the 458 in a twin-turbo setup..

This limited edition features a 4,5 L V8 engine, with a total output of 600 HP – with 30 more HP than the normal 458 Spider version, jumps from 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds (yes, three) and from 0-200 km/h in less than 10 seconds (9.5 seconds, more exact).

No need to say we will see this little on in Paris, on the 2nd of October. Stay tuned.

[EN] Paris 2014: Honda goes sport, or not quite – Civic Sport Edition

Less than 10 days remaining till its official launch in Paris, time in which Honda is revealing some  details about their new Civic Sport – sort to say the new Type-S, but they don’t call it like that, so I won’t, either.

Sport – but not so sport – the new Civic will keep some visual elements borrowed from the Type-R, sport elements that will be combined with the same engines from the standard version – the 1.8-litre I-VTEC, 142 PS petrol engine and 1.6-litre i-DTEC, 120 PS diesel engine. And by saying visual, I meant to say only this – no improvements  or upgrades  will be applied on the technical sheet.

The exterior will feature a new front bumper with a lower grille mesh and a black roof lining for the cabin, details that are echoing the design of the forthcoming Type-R.

But in the same time, Honda is upgrading a little bit also the standard Civic, so the changes will be adopted by the Sport derivative as well – new headlamps with integrated daytime running lights, redesigned new front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and LED taillights.

The interior will feature some changes regarding the in-car entertainment – by adding the all-new in-car audio and information system – Honda Connect. This new information system runs on Android 4.0.4 and offers beside media facilities some others functions like Bluetooth connectivity, internet browsing, satellite navigation (optional) and rear-view parking camera. Long story short – a new all-in media unit.

The new Civic Sport and the other novelties will be presented in Paris, on the 2nd of October, during the Paris AutoShow.

[EN] Paris 2014: Polo GTI reborn – the 1.8 Turbo is back!

After they tried to “spice” things with their 1.4 TSI engine, the engineers behind the Polo GTi project went back to their senses and they fitted back the 1.8 turbo engine under the hood. Now the car makes a little bit of sense. Again.

Ok, we totally understand the need of downsizing, in most cases I agree with this. But this need also has its limits – and Volkswagen finally understood this – the 1.8 TSI is back on tracks, with a total out put of 192 HP and 320 Nm, compared to the old motorization – 1.4 TSI + compressor. Well, in fact, that engine has been replaced on many other VW models also, so there is no wonder the little GTi received back his 1.8 TSI motor-heart.

As for the design part, the new Polo receives a redesigned front bumper and the LED headlights are also continuing the GTI typical red line we can see on the grille, while the interior we greet the well-known ecosse upholstery and nothing else new (for the moment).

The new Polo GTi will be launched in two weeks, during Paris Auto Show. Stay tuned!

[RO] Doi noi membrii in echipa Stepway: Lodgy & Dokker

Dacia nu sta degeaba, pregatind pentru lansarea de la Paris doua noi modele ce vor purta insigna Stepway – Lodgy si Dokker.

Chiar daca Stepway a luat un start timid, a recuperat destul de repede teren,  bucurandu-se  de un real succes pe modelul Sandero, ale carui vanzari s-au situat destul de sus, desi diferentele fata de modelul de baza sunt mai mult de nivel optic decat tehnice.

In cazul lui Lodgy si Dokker, se va aplica aceeasi reteta – exteriorul va beneficia de elementele specifice versiunii Stepway – barele de pe acoperis, carcasele de oglinzi, plasticele din lateral, grila fata, cat si jantele din aliaj pe 16 inchi; interiorul beneficiaza de o tapiterie distincta Stepway, avand cusaturile laterale albastre – aceeasi nuanta de  albastru ce poate fi regasita in trimurile de pe bord si volan.

Despre motorizari n-avem nimic special de zis , fiind aceleasi de pe variantele standard Lodgy & Dokker. Cei doi newcomeri vor fi prezentati oficial in cadrul Salonului Auto de la Paris, ce va lua startul in doua saptamani, preturile nefiind inca comunicate.


[EN] Paris 2014: Citroen goes fashionable again – DS 3 signed by Ines de la Fressange Paris

We all know the french are very fashionable and all trendy, and that can be also applied to cars, as I can tell. And because Paris is usually the host of some important events, Citroen decided to launch here and now a new fashion-concept for their little DS3 for which they called in to help a well known Parisian model: Ines de la Fressange. The result? See it below.

The DS3 didn’t needed too much of design on it – the model itself was beautiful, styled and out-of-the-ordinary from the start, but I must say that I like the – haute-couture, indeed. The changes are subtle, the colors used are sleek and the overall image fits a lady (yes, ladies only, sorry guys) that’s elegant, bold and independent.

The styling touches can be easily observed on the exterior – there are two individual color combos for this special edition – the hatchback DS3 is available in a satin-finish Ink Blue, associated with a glossy Onyx Black roof, as for the DS3 Carbio version, all Perla Nera Black, mat Infinite Blue roof and an Infinite Blue soft top. 

Both cars share the same 17″ Aphrodite diamond-cut wheels and interior design, fabric and details. These little ones will be showcased starting with 2nd of October at Paris Auto Show, where you can see it live and maybe (who knows) order one also.

P.s. This year, Paris Auto Show will host an exclusive exhibition for Automobiles and Fashion, in collaboration with the famous VOGUE French magazine. Could this be also a reason for the Citroen’s new venture?! Who knows, we will see.