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[EN] Polestar(ed): 650 HP in V8 for the new Volvo supercars

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I hear the word “Polestar” I think about those angry and smurfs-look-like little street monsters. But if until now we had to deal with normal engines, maybe with just a sip of tune in it, well… This time, Polestar has done it: 650 HP from the 5.0 V8 engine. Well, big engine, big number.

This engine will be featured on the newest racing supercars signed by the tuner, mostly sold on the Australian market. But what’s so special about it it’s the sound, some kind of unique tone and voice. If you don’t believe it, hit the video below – and wait until the engine will hit 7500 rpm. You’ll see that it will worth your time.