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[EN] Paris 2014: Polo GTI reborn – the 1.8 Turbo is back!

After they tried to “spice” things with their 1.4 TSI engine, the engineers behind the Polo GTi project went back to their senses and they fitted back the 1.8 turbo engine under the hood. Now the car makes a little bit of sense. Again.

Ok, we totally understand the need of downsizing, in most cases I agree with this. But this need also has its limits – and Volkswagen finally understood this – the 1.8 TSI is back on tracks, with a total out put of 192 HP and 320 Nm, compared to the old motorization – 1.4 TSI + compressor. Well, in fact, that engine has been replaced on many other VW models also, so there is no wonder the little GTi received back his 1.8 TSI motor-heart.

As for the design part, the new Polo receives a redesigned front bumper and the LED headlights are also continuing the GTI typical red line we can see on the grille, while the interior we greet the well-known ecosse upholstery and nothing else new (for the moment).

The new Polo GTi will be launched in two weeks, during Paris Auto Show. Stay tuned!