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[EN] 1,500,000 km & 40 years of history: Porsche 356

I couldn’t let this slip through my hands – because I cherish my car as well and think about driving her until the end of the days (her days, at least).  Last year I wrote an article about an American who drives his Volvo P1800S even now, after 4,800,000 km. I thought that was something. Today I had the surprise to discover another one, of course, a classic one – thanks to petrolicious.com ‘ s article. Ladies and gents, I present to you today this stunning Porsche 356 with more than 1 million miles on board.

Bought by his father directly from dealer in 1964, this can easily be called a heritage, because the car is in the family for almost 40 years now and it’s being used as a daily car! This happens in San Pedro, California – the county where you can find some amazing occasions for riding a classic, doesn’t matter if it’s being used in a vacation mode or daily go-to-work style.


With exactly 1,577,000 kilometers on board – well, 980,000 miles for the car – 40 years of activity, three engine rebuilds, the car stands out from the crowd, and still provides a sensational feeling for everyone who drives her – despite the modest engine output – 75HP (1,6 liters engine). Because when she was built, it wasn’t all about power and torque, but more about the overall feeling. That was inherited from father to son, the reason why this car is so beloved by her heritor.  We can only say that the owner – Guy Newmark – shows a clear dedication to this brand in particular, as he also owns the 356B cabrio version, so this is not the only Porsche you can find in his garage.

In the end, it’s beautiful to discover friendships like this one, that have lots and lots of history and stories to be told, and I promise that I will bring them upfront whenever I will have the occasion to do so. Until then, enjoy the photo shoot.

Courtesy to petrolicious.com for source and pictures.


[EN/RO][Video] Porsche 356 by Type2Detectives

When we are talking about custom built cars, we can say we have some good damn projects. Especially when I will show you this one: a custom built classic 356 Porsche, the grandfather of the famous 911 model.

329319_223542184369460_1524747196_o 334610_224673817589630_2112815212_o 356 Stephen Brooks_01 356 Stephen Brooks_03

Little know that not only this was the first Porsche model that was produced in series, but from 76,000 pieces that were totally built (from 1948 to 1965), only 30,000 are supposed to be “alive” today, spread around the globe, so we’re talking about history here!

The “little” 356 Porsche featured in our movie was born in 1958, rescued from a garage after being forgotten and neglected for 15 years and it was rejuvenated  by the guys from Type2Detectives custom garage. The car feature a very unique paint and body work, because the initial idea was to have a “rough” car, without expensive bodywork that can “break” his owner’s heart (and wallet) each time he drives it in the crowded London. Also the interior is presented in a very austere – stripped to the bone, to be more specific.

But hush now and have fun watching this short movie.

356 Stephen Brooks_04

Cand vine vorba despre masini construite sau modificate custom, putem spune cu mana pe inima ca avem la dispozitie cateva modele ale naibii de bune! In special modelul de mai jos – una bucata Porsche 356, aka bunicul faimosului 911.

Putini cunosc totusi cum ca micul 356 este primul model Porsche produs in serie, dar din 76,000 de bucati cate au fost produse (in perioada 1948 – 1965), din care mai putin de jumatate mai “supravietuiesc”, la nivel global (circa 30,000 de bucati).

Personajul principal din povestea noastra de astazi a fost nascut in 1958, salvat dintr-un garaj in care zacea de mai bine de 15 ani, “reintinerit” mai apoi de mesterii Type2Detectives Custom Garage. Un element mai aparte il reprezinta caroseria si vopseaua, special gandite pentru linistea proprietarului ce supravietuieste intr-un oras aglomerat precum Londra, si nu are de gand sa isi bata prea mult capul cu micile zgarieturi. Aspectul final trage masina undeva spre rat-rods, dar nu ii sta rau. De asemenea, interiorul acesteia este foarte auster, dupa cum se paote bine observa in poze.

Insa gata vorbaraia, vizionare placuta!

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