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[EN] Porsche’s rear horsepower technology, explained..

The newest advertising campaign launched by the Stuttgart company for celebrating the 911 brings us a little bit of fun and imagination, but not only – explains to all technical and non-technical-savvy 911 lovers out there what is the secret behind…

The Ad was not launched to celebrate anything new into their products, nor to say happy birthday to anyone… No, they just needed to remind us that the 911 has the engine placed behind the real axle – not like the other Porsche models that are either mid-engined or front.

The 911 has its personal story, that started when Ferdinand Porsche thought that if he will place the engine in the rear of the axels – behind the wheels to be more specific – he will put more heaviness on the back of the car, creating like that more grip on the wheels of the car.  This aspect remained the same since 1963, when the first 911 was launched – more than 51 years ago.

The actual Porsche 911 advertising campaign that was launched by Fred & Farid has the meaning to explain exactly this phrase : REAR HORSEPOWER – see the horse behind the carriage? Oh well… It’s clear now!

[EN/RO][VIDEO] 50 years anniversary : Happy Birthday Porsche 911!

Happy Birthday Porsche 911! Well, this event has been already celebrated – they launched the 911 50th Anniversary Edition during the Frankfurt Motorshow that took place a few weeks ago, in Germany, various television commercials or print ads. Everybody said “happy birthday, 911”, we all said it. But what’s really beautiful it’s about to come…

The Stuttgart based company gathered the whole seven generations of this living legend that’s called “the 911” and they all started to sing a beautiful “happy birthday” song, like in family.  Just listen to it… It gives you thrills…


Sa uram un calduros “La multi Ani” legendei 911 – desi am impresia ca anul acesta am tot facut-o cu varii ocazii, in special cu lansarea editiei limitate 50 Anniversary Edition de la Frankfurt, de acum cateva saptamani. Vorbim de o legenda in viata si un eveniment special marcant in calendarul fiecarui iubitor de automobile, atat noi cat si clasice.

Insa cea mai frumoasa urare o fac chiar stramosii actualului 911 – priviti in videoclipul de mai jos  cum cele sapte generatii s-au strans, s-au aranjat frumos in linie, si-au dres vocile si au inceput sa cante in cor celebrul imn de sarbatorire, totul in cinstea legendei ce dainuie chiar si in ziua de azi, cu aceeasi mandrie si renume. Merita vizionat.